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Immune System Booster - just in time for spring allergies

Walk Your Dog Into Some Pet-Friendly Park Slope Shops

What Is A Raw Pet Food Diet & Why Would Anyone Choose It?

Giardia - should I be worried?

Emily Drum: A Dog Walker for All Neighborhoods

Chris Jefferies: Passionate About Music & Dog Walking in Clinton Hill

Mariya Mego Vela: Extraordinary Dog Walker in East Williamsburg

Steph Carlos: a Dog Walker Dancing Her Way in the South Side of Clinton Hill

How to Say "I Love You"

Viki Vayner:  Expert Dog Walker in Downtown Brooklyn and Ft. Greene

Warning from FDNY:  Manhole Fires

Kidney Disease in Older Cats: What Do I Need To Know?

Snow Business:  Make it Joyous for Pup

An Ode to Bullet

Therapy Dogs Make a Major Difference for Underserved Kids

Hot Dog? No.  Warm Pup?  Absolutely!  A guide to selecting the best winter coat for your pup

Doing Well by Doing Good - Gifts for Pups & Kitties

How to Thank a Military Dog for Your Freedom

Why pay $10.39 When You Can Get it for $6.27?

An Emergency Warning for Cobble Hill - and head's up elsewhere

Chocolate & Xylitol May be Sweet, but NOT in Your Pup.   Know what to do "in case"

Dogs, Music and Photography: Dog Walking in South Slope with Jake Smisloff

Make it Thanksgiving for Pup, too

A Tribute to Our Heros, ALL Our Heroes

Should I Be Expressing My Dog’s Anal Glands? (Yuck!)

Building a Healthy Dog Food

Finding Pet-Friendly Housing: A Quick Guide

What you DON'T Want to See in Your Dog's Food

Comedy Central's Next Star is Walking Dogs in Williamsburg: Jacqui Rossi

Pup’s Ghoulish Delights: an easy to make Halloween treat for pups

Our Philosophical Dog Walker in Clinton Hill: Joe Lazarz

It's Fall, the Calendar is "Ticking" -  here's what you need to know about ticks and your dog

Dog Walking in Ft. Greene with a British Accent: Ryan Lovejoy

What Can Be Better than Being a Brooklyn Dog at Halloween?

Nick Waldorf: Ready for Late Night TV as He Walks Dogs in Park Slope

Step by Step: How to Brush Your Pup's Teeth

Want Sweet Kisses?  Here's How to Help Pup or Kitty Maintain a Healthy Mouth

A Great Dog Walker in Bed Stuy:  Milton Barreto has a Song in his Heart when a Pup is on his Leash

Why Should You Brush Your Pet's Teeth?

A Great Dog Walker in DUMBO: Meet Matt O'Brien

5 Steps to Care for Your Elderly Dog

Best Dog Walking in Ft. Greene: Meet Lazé the vet tech from Macedonia

How to Choose the Best Toys for your Pet

Meet a Great Dog Walker in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn Heights, Downtown Brooklyn and Carroll Gardens: JM Nicholson

All Clear! Dr. Chris and the DEC Tell Us Swimming at Dog Beach Can Resume

Bed Stuy has a Great Dog Walker: Meet Michael Bronner

Be Good to Your Pet; Be Good to your Wallet; Be Good to NYC.... and it's FREE

Dog Walking in Downtown Brooklyn: Meet Adam Goebler

Dog Walking Downtown Brooklyn: Meet Bryan McFadden

Prospect Park Lake and Dog Beach are Blooming - this is NOT good

So, You are Having a People Puppy: Tips to Introduce New Baby and Pup

Dog Walking in Ft. Greene: Meet Judith Samper

Dirty Dogs Come Clean for Animal Rescue

Dog Walking in Windsor Terrace, Park Slope, South Slope and Prospect Heights: Stephanie Velasquez

Seven Tips for Safe Traveling with Your Pup

Canine Vaccines: How many shots does my dog really need?

5 Tips to Help Pup Enjoy 4th of July Weekend

What Did You Say? Dogs and Cats Speak Such Different Languages

Five Guidelines of Dog Park Etiquette

Brooklyn Cat Sitter, Tips for Training your Cat with Catnip

Dog Allergies, Cat Allergies - what should I know?

4 Tips for the Pups and Kitties of Brooklyn to Come Clean this Spring

Adoptapalooza: The Furry Festival at Which You Might Find Your Next Best Friend

Barking at the Cue: BBark Bark-B-cue 2015

The Law: To Declaw or Not to Declaw? That is truly the question

Now That it's (finally) Hot, How Much do You Know about Heatstroke?

When "Dog Friendly" is Decidedly Not

Canine Flu: How concerned should I be?

Obesity: It's not just for humans anymore

Oxytocin: The Neuro'pup'tide That's Got Us Feeling All Mushy Inside

Giardia - Puddle Trouble: Water Better Left Un-lapped

Did Someone Say Tea Party? ... and this one is to de-stress pup

Cat Sitting by Brooklyn Bark - How we do it

Do Something Positive....

Treat Your Pet for the Holidays... two easy recipes from Brooklyn Bark

To Feed People Food or Not to Feed People Food - That is the Question

Flee Flea, Please!

Brooklyn Bark: And a Cat Shall Lead Them

Handsome: Happy Ending / Happy Beginning

A Love Story

Avoiding the Cone of Shame - making pet's recovery easier for all

Christmas Warning to Pup Owners

Safe Holidays to You

Finally, FDA Proposes First Pet Food Safety Rules

Help a Vet

Honor the Dogs of 9/11

K9*5K Carnival on Coney Island to Help Pet Rescue

It's Sunny in DC

Support the ASPCA with Brooklyn Bark

Badass Brooklyn is Shelter of the Month

Come Clean You Dirty Dog! and Help Animal Rescue!!

New Way to Neuter

Come Clean You Dirty Dog!

Fido & Fireworks: Advice from Your Brooklyn Dog Walker

Brooklyn Dog Walker Reviews Lyme Disease (human version)

Brooklyn Dog Walker Reviews Lyme Disease (canine version)

Brookyn Dog Walkers Learn to Shoot Dogs..... with a camera

Rescue Debut

Let Your Voice Be Heard for your Dog, your Cat and all Animals!

What is Alternative Boarding?

Salute to: Mighty Mutts Fostering Network from Brooklyn Dog Walkers

Duffy Needs a Home

A Towel and Some Gel Make Pup a Happy Snow Dog

A Sweet Dog Story: Adopting Ginger

Westminster be Damned!

Help us Find Marley, a Lost Toy Yorkie

Sweet & Shy Lost Dog: Help find Sadie

Meet Your Prospect Heights Dog Walker

Dog Treat Recall: This Time it is Hartz Mountain

Being a Dog in Brooklyn in Winter

For the Love of a Bargain:

Doggie Sleepovers: tips from Brooklyn Bark Dog Walkers

Pablo Come Home

Help Find Dog Lost Out in the Cold

They're Tough; They Need Help

NYC Transit - Wednesday, Halloween - Update

Your Pet, the Hurricane and You


Michael Vick has a Pet...... a Dog?

Brooklyn Bark Certifies 17 New PetSavers

Brooklyn: Home of World Class Veterinary Medicine

Prizes Galore! Atlantic Antic Here we Come!!!

How to Successfully Inject Your Pet, tips from a Brooklyn Dog Walker

Talking to A Friend about Their Pet's Illness or Death

Talking to Your Vet About Your Very Ill Pet

Game: Seamus Strapped to the Roof of the Romney Car

Brooklyn Bark Dog Walkers Salute a Happy Tail

Social Networking is for the Dogs

Another Dog Food Recall

One Nation Under Dog - the Documentary

Get a PhD in Dog

Cat Food Recall

Tainted Chicken Jerky Treats - AGAIN!

PB&DS 2012 - What a Blast!

Dog Food Recall - 12 Companies & Counting

Dog Food Recall - it's only getting worse

This Diamond is Tarnished, Tarnished by Salmonella

Lost Terrier/Schnauzer Mix

The Blog that was Heard Around the World

Save these Dogs

Looking for Love

Do You Know Where We Guest Blogged?

Brooklyn Dogs at the New York Auto Show

Triumph at the Mutt Show

The Amazing Brooklyn Mutt Show

An Amazing Class that Can Save Your Pet's Life

Dogs Eat the Strangest Things, Surgery Included

It's 2 am. Do You Know What Your Dog is Up To?

The Hottest Ticket in Town

Is Your Dog Fat?

Joy to the World at Sean Casey Animal Rescue

You Fed Your Pup WHAT?!

Beware of Tainted Chicken Jerky Treats

Amazing Photography of Amazing Dogs

Broadway Talent Helps Dog Rescue.... and you can, too!

Casting Now: Doggie Love in New York

Avoid Diabetes in Your Furry One, Please, or at least Catch it Early

Brooklyn Bark's Herding Pussycats Awards

Canine Influenza Post from Your Brooklyn Dog Walker and Cat Sitter

Salute to our Zoos from Your Brooklyn Dog Walker and Cat Sitter

Brooklyn Bark Supports Adoption, Guest blog by Sarah Oren

Dog Walking and Cat Walks

Brooklyn Bark at PUPkin!

Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Dog Walker - pt 1

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Dog Walkers Preview TV Commercial for Dogs

Brooklyn Dogs Want to Travel

Brooklyn Dog Walkers LOVE Kong

How To Bathe A Cat (from your Brooklyn Dog Walkers and Cat Sitters)

Emergency Management & Update for Brooklyn Dogs & Cats

Brooklyn Bark: Kudos Mayor's Alliance

Brooklyn Bark: We are Here to Help Dogs & Cats in the Storm

Brace for the Hurricaine, Brooklyn Barkers

Brooklyn Dogs from Bergan Beach to Attend "Bark in the Park"

It's Brooklyn Cyclones "Dog Day"!

Brooklyn Bark Recommends: Earthbath

Brooklyn Bark "Doggie Bags" for the Bark in the Park

TD Bank Supports Bark in the Park

Bark in the Park

Make Your Dog a Brooklyn Cyclone Fan!

Brooklyn Dogs Go Camping

Dog Walkers, Dog Owners: "Pet-Away" with Your Dog

Brooklyn Bark Dogs are Invited to Take their Owners to the Ball Game

Brooklyn Bark Alert: Recognize and Treat Heat Stroke Immediately

Get-away with your dog : Mystic CT

Get-away with your dog to Lake George

Dog Walk in Bear Mountian

bird watching with your dog at Stony Point

Brooklyn Dog Walker says, "Take My Car..... please"

The Life You Save....

Brooklyn Dog Walker Extraordinaire: David Lucas

Outward Hound: John Jay Homestead Welcomes Brooklyn Dogs

Brooklyn Dog Walker Tips to Beat the Heat