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Helen Bowers

Helen, also known as the Bark Master, is an MBA in marketing who adores helping to build a business as much as she adores animals.

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We Once Snacked Healthy.  Now Your Pup Can.

There was a day when “Give me a home where the buffalo roam” did not refer to your neighbor’s housekeeping but rather to the way you both went out to hunt dinner.

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Don't Let Your Dog Get Poisoned (We Really Mean It)

There is always an undercurrent of "Beware" for any dog in an urban area, from the heavy traffic to the sometimes inane noise level to, yes, being accidentally poisoned.

Two points make a line and on Thursday, we witnessed two separate incidents of exposed rat poison, one in a local park an

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Martin Luther King Jr and Rescue Dogs

What, you may ask, does the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. have to do with rescue dogs?

Quite a bit, actually.

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Brooklyn Bark Salutes our Military Canines with Holiday Gifts

Since 2009, United for the Troops has distributed over 15,800 gift boxes to men and women serving in the American armed forces.

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Labor Day Weekend and Your Pup

Labor Day weekend is here, summer's last hurrah with picnics, block parties, bargecues and final swims of the year.  Such fun for us and such fun for any pup who is invited.

But it is still summer, so here's a last heads up on summer safety.

If there is an Indian summer in the next few weeks, do not forget our 11 tips to beat the heat from protecting those paws to misting the air to sunscreening

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Dog Walker Recommendations:  Dining With Your Dog in Park Slope

Judging by the number of welcoming restaurants, dining with your dog in Park Slope is a very popular activity! Here, in alphabetical order, are some of the places that let you invite your dog to dinner.   We include the phone numbers so you may call ahead and reserve a table you can share with pup outside.    



(718) 965-4578
This family owned restaurant at 535 6th Ave. offers Mediterranean cuisine, including Greek classics as well as "Greek food with a twist".

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Four Great Brooklyn Bars that Welcome You and Your Pup

Socializing over a drink is one of the things we Brooklynites do best.  And sometimes, socializing with your pup is the way to go.  Humans, dogs, all good in Brooklyn.

Here are four terrific watering holes that go out of their way to make pup feel as welcome as you.  Don't be surprised if the belly up to the bar next to yours has fur.

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Dining With Your Dog: Brooklyn Heights

Did your dog just invite you out to dinner?   Now that New York State officially allows pets in outdoor dining areas you have a lot of choices.


If you live in or close to Brooklyn Heights, we've rounded up some of these eateri

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Just When you Thought it Was Safe for Pup to go in the Water in Prospect Park Lake.....

It's hardly a news flash that the last week or more has been very warm in Brooklyn, hitting in the 90s every single day.


We and our pups may not be crazy about the heat but those little blue-green algae in Prospect Park Lake just love it.  As the Biblical comm

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The Dog Beach at Prospect Park Is Getting a Makeover!

Does your pup love playing at Prospect Park's dog beach? Well, she'll have to wait awhile before she can play in the water there. The beach is closing from the middle of this July until next spring for a makeover. Fortunately for all water-loving dogs, they can still swim in the lake at the Peninsula off-leash area during regular off-leash hours (before 9am and after 9pm).


The Prospect Park Alliance plans to improve the health & safety of the lakeshore and make it more appealing to wildlife, as well as making it more b

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