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Posted by Bark Master on Apr 17, 2012 9:37:00 PM

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ThorThor's story is hardly different from many rescue dogs.  He was neglected, moved from place to place and never trained nor allowed to put down roots.

Bark Master took him for fostering because, despite this empty background, he is happy, loving and adores all people and dogs.  His tail is always slowly wagging and he is always trying to figure out how to be "a very good boy."  He is the first dog I have ever met who when I say "no" just once and in a very even tone instantly stops.  He so wants to please.

Thor is now housebroken - it didn't take much - and he is no longer so fearful that he backs up when someone approaches.  Thor transcends his sadness when he plays with other dogs, and does so most appropriately for a 1 1/2 year old.   He has a 100% Labrador personality, sweet, a little shy and very loving.  Take his food away and he looks at you lovingly, knowing you will give it back.

This boy is great.  Of course there is still a sadness in his face but his actions are so positive and loving.  He is moderate energy, doesn't jump and is looking with every fiber of his being and soul for someone with whom he can let go and love til the end of time. 

If you can give a home to this sweet, sweet boy he will be your friend for life.  And so will I.

** If you know of a home for my sweet Thor, please email or call me 845-628-6263.  More px:

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