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Dog Food Recall - 12 Companies & Counting

Posted by Bark Master on May 9, 2012 6:58:00 PM

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dog food recallOur head is spinning.  We read about a dozen dog blogs every day and for the last few days, every time we open one there is another Salmonella Tainted Dog Food Recall story.  To make things worse, these are high-end brands that we would otherwise have recommended as "nutritious." ("Nutritious" isn't worth a dog-poop when you are sick as, well, a dog.)


How did this happen?  

Well, in the dog food world - as in so much of the food processing industry - when a plant owned by one brand has excess capacity, they sell that capacity to other brands.  In other words, rather than have your equipment and staff sit idle, you process food for a competitor at a lower margin but at least make some something.


And so it is with the dog food processing plant owned by Diamond in Gaston, S.C.  Rather than make nothing at all once the orders for Diamond are filled, the plant subcontracts to at least a dozen other brands as well as produces additional brands of their own.  From an MBA point this is all very good business.  Unfortunately, it is like a house of cards and we now see the cascade of salmonella tainted problems.


If we are overwhelmed, we have no doubt our Barkers and friends are overwhelmed even more.  Not that we didn't have anything else to do, we spent the afternoon reading blogs, websites and doing Google searches and put together a spreadsheet with

  • BRAND, 
  • URL to see which lines of that brand are recalled, 
  • PHONE # for customer service to request a refund
Reminder, if you have a possibly contaminated bag of dog food, carefully slip it into a large plastic bag, seal it and wash your hands very well.  Salmonella is an equal opportunity infection agent.
Dog Food Recalls as of May 9, 2012
 Brand  URL w recall info* Cust Service - phone # 
(866) 918-8756**
(866) 918-8756**
(800) 398-1600 PDST
 Chicken Soup  
(800) 442-0402 EDST
(866) 918-8756 EDST
(866) 918-8756**
 Natural Balance  
(800) 829-4493 PDST
 Premium Edge  
(866) 918-8756**
 Solid Gold  
(800) 364-4863 PDST
 Taste of the Wild  
(866) 918-8756**
(877) 227-9587  EDST
(877) 227-9587  EDST
* URL listing recalled products within the brand
  **  This brand's customer service is handled by Diamond


We hope this is the last dog food recall blog necessary for quite a while, but you never know.  We will blog any new info so, please feel free to subscribe (box at top right of the page) or check back periodically.  Also, feel free to pass this list on to anyone you know whom it can help.


Are you, perhaps, looking for a job?  We noticed on the Diamond Pet Food website there is a single job opening.  It is for a Quality Control Technician in Gaston S.C.




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