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Chris Jefferies: Passionate About Music & Dog Walking in Clinton Hill

Posted by Helen Bowers on Mar 15, 2016 2:08:00 PM

Chris_J.jpgChris Jefferies is passionate about two things these days: music and the dogs he walks in Clinton Hill. Well, there might be others, but we're not telling...


This accomplished young musician has a BFA in Jazz/Contemporary Music from The New School for Jazz & Contemporary Music here in New York and has performed throughout the world. Some of the highlights? The Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland, the North Sea Jazz Festival in The Netherlands, and the Umbria Jazz Festival in Italy. 

In fact, he enjoyed playing in Europe so much that he sees himself living and making music there full-time in five years or so.  In the meantime, you can soon catch his debut album "Uni" on iTunes, Pandora, and other streaming services.


This world traveler even chose another world traveler when asked what animal he would like to be. His choice?  A dolphin!  He would like to travel the world, exploring the oceans and surfing in the wakes of ships.  He loves other animals, as well.  His all-time favorite is Spanky, his corgi/border collie mix.  Chris says about this special pet: "He will forever be my favorite."


Of course, there are other dogs that have a place in his heart, too.   That's one reason why he likes working at Brooklyn Bark so muchIn fact, he says: "I love working for Brooklyn Bark because I get to be outside all day and hang out with animals that are always excited to see you!" 


One of Chris' favorites is Fischer - especially when there's snow on the ground.  It Fisheer_B.jpgseems this particular pooch loves to dive into snow banks until he's completely covered, then pop out with his tail wagging in pure joy!


Who else brightens Chris' day?


Logan.jpgLogan: I like to think of Logan as the “zen master” of the dog pack. Always brimming with positivity with the perfect amount of energy and calm, Logan loves every dog and human he meets. He’s shown himself to be especially good with puppies, happily prancing over to them and letting them jump all over him.



Bandit: The name says it all. This little guy is a ball of fur and energy, always looking for someone to play with, birds to chase after, or some treats to eat. One of the most affectionate, Bandit is excited to meet every dog he can and loves his best friends Bruce Wayne and Ransom. 



Onyx: This guy might seem tough on the outside but he’s really one of the sweetest, most loyal companions on the team, a true New Yorker! Onyx has proven himself to be a true gentleman, ignoring barking dogs without blinking an eye. And boy does he like his treats!



Marais: Marais is what I call my “energy crew”! Marais is a powerhouse, always ready to rock and roll at any given moment and will walk until you can’t keep up!  She’s also one of the most affectionate dogs I’ve ever met, a total sweetheart that loves her humans!



Bruce Wayne: Another name that fits the dog so well, Master Wayne might be shy at first but he’s got a big heart too. He love’s playing with Bandit and Ransom and also is one of the most gentle dogs I’ve ever met. Gracefully taking a treat from your hand or giving you a high five, he truly is super hero!



Ransom.jpgRansom: She might be small but boy does she have a big personality! I like to think of Ransom as the matriarch of the dog pack, always keeping the young hooligans in check and keeping them out of trouble. She gets along well with every dog I walk so I know I can always count on her to mellow out even the most energetic pooches. 




Elsa: The grandmother of the dog pack, this veteran rottweiler is one of the most loyal dogs on the team.  She loves her humans!  She also loves her treats and will lay down or give you a high five to get them!



Chris also enjoys the beautiful neighborhood of Clinton Hill while walking with his doggie friends.  He likes the historic architecture and tree-lined streets, while the pups enjoy all the wonderful scents coming from the great restaurants - especially on garbage day!


Oh, and the most surprising thing about this young man? Even though he doesn't 'keep kosher', he's never tasted shellfish! 


If you would like your pup to join Chris on his walks before he heads to the stages of Europe, concact us!

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