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Comedy Central's Next Star is Walking Dogs in Williamsburg: Jacqui Rossi

Jacqui Rossi

Jacqui Rossi, Comedy Central's next star, is dog walking in Williamsburg!    That's right - there's a rising comedic star accompanied by her four-legged entourage on the prowl through the streets of this hip, multilingual  neighborhood.  Jacqui is an actor, comedian, improviser, and writer who has appeared in three productions so far this year.   She played male characters in all three roles - two of them complete with mustaches!   She performs with her two-person improv team and she and her sketch team also regularly create videos for the internet.   Besides playing comedic roles, this talented actress has also appeared in a handful of dramatic roles.

This multi-talented woman also has a Bachelor of Arts (with Honors in History!) from Harvard University and has tutored students in history, English, math, and writing skills, as well as prepping them for the SAT and ACT tests.   She used to work for a start-up before joining BrooklynIndy-1 Bark but felt like she was on a leash - tethered to her computer!   In order to get moving physically, Jacqui decided she needed to be on the other end of that leash.   Now she's on the other end of several leashes and isn't just exercising her emotions for an audience - she's exercising physically, too!   Just to make sure she gets enough physical activity, she's adopted a "chunky little cutie pie" puggle named Indie.


Jacqui_dog_1Jacqui frequently has conversations with the dogs she's walking and often wonders what they're thinking about and saying to each other. Since she already reads Spanish and Italian proficiently, who's to say she couldn't understand dog as well?   They certain can speak to her - they're always showing her their favorite places in Williamsburg.   Her favorite is the FedEx store where Jacqui_cat_1one pup used to get treats years ago!   As she says, "The pups in this hood, like the Williamsburg residents, like to live their authentic selves. These dogs are bursting with personality and you have to love them for that."   In fact, if Jacqui could become an animal, she'd choose "Any of my client's dogs.  They are so loved and taken care of!"


Jacqui_cat_2Jacqui enjoys the rich mixture of culture and personality in this neighborhood that's an eclectic mix of artistry, industry, and luxury.   She also enjoys the stunning views and considers the opportunity to explore the area while accompanied by a pack of cool, hip, and cute dogs as a dream come true.  




If you would like yJacqui_cat_3our pup to join this rising star's entourage,concact us! today!

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