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GREAT DOG WASH: Great time for Pups, Great time for new Social Media Stars

The Irish setter shook, spraying the already drenched, giddy volunteers while the little beagle was looking for his attorney's cell number hoping she could save him from the fate of b-a-t-h.  The haughty King Charles graciously accepted his packages of Charlee Bear treats while the freshly scrubbed Great Dane regally posed in a purple boa and sunglasses for pictures her delighted momma posted to Facebook.

It was joyous mayhem as Brooklyn Bark raised money and Brooklyn dog fun on a hot summer's day at Sean Casey Animal Rescue, last Saturday.  It was the 7th annual GREAT DOG WASH.

But what were we thinking?  What were we

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Seven Reasons to Bring Pup to the GREAT DOG WASH on Saturday

Seven is a lucky number.  Here are seven reasons to bring pup to Brooklyn Bark's GREAT DOG WASH this Saturday.

1)  YOU know your dog needs a bath.  Badly.

2)  Your DOG knows they need Charlee Bear TREATS to enjoy after their wash and to take home as a reward.  From the bottom of their paws.

3)  YOU know you would like to take home some home baked human goodies.  You need a yum sooo much!

4)  Your DOG knows they'd like you to take home some home baked doggie goodies.  And your pup needs a yum, too!  They say, even more.

5)  You BOTH would like to get out and socialize with other 

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Check out this New Vet in Town

I walked into a new vet who has been receiving a lot of buzz, Bond Vet in Cobble Hill, sat down next to a big buryly guy and smiled.

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Help Your Pup through the Heat

Cole Porter wrote it.  Our Care Associates and our Barkers live it.  It's Too Damn Hot.  With temps in the 90's, high 90's and some places hitting the 100's making it through can be a question of knowing what you are doing.  Here are some tips from our walkers to make the summer days, shall we say, more cool.

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Enjoying Classic Cuisine with Your Pup at Park Slope’s Sotto Voce

Prospect Park is Brooklyn's biggest and best places you can go to play around with your dog.  Finding an eatery that allow dogs in Brooklyn, is always a challenge and finding one that is totally welcoming, well, that's a real challenge. However, if you want quality food at a place that also welcomes your dog, Sotto Voce on Park Slope's corner of 7th Avenue and 4th Street is the place to head.

This pet-friendly restaurant welcomes you an

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8 Ways to Keep Your Pup Safe and Comfortable During Fireworks


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Understanding Our Feline Friends: 5 Ways Cats Show Love

Conventional wisdom says that cats are standoffish. That they're just here for the food and the convenient litter cleanup. That they can take or leave their human owners. Conventional wisdom has never owned a cat, because true cat lovers know better. It's true that cats are more subtle in the way they show affection than their canine cousins—they probably won't wag their tails and wriggle with joy when you come home—but they have their own methods of showing you they care. 

1. They Bunt

Does your cat push her head against your hand? That move is called bunting, and it's one way for your precious pet to tell you she loves you (and she wants your attention). Bunting is a social behavior between cats that can show trust and affection. Your cat also has scent glands on the top of her head that mark you with her scent. She's telling other animals to stay back, because you're her human and she wants you all to herself.

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This High School Bestie has Four Paws

Do you remember being in high school and there were days when the only reason you went to school was so that you could see your best friend?  Well, we do. Many of us have felt that way.  We showed up at school to see our best friend and once we got there we were in a better frame of mind to learn.

We had the honor of meeting a Best Friend to many at Mahopac High School in the lower Hudson Valley.  His name is Carlos and he has four paws, black fur and floppy ears.  He is a Service Dog.  Carlos is a trained Service Dog who is actually on staff at MHS Academy with all the lanyards and tags of any other staff member.  He is, however, paid in pats and dog biscuits from the 60 students in the Academy.

You'd think having a dog in class could contribute to mayhem.  Not at all!  Before Carlos was brought on staff the Academy students as well as the 1500 students in the student body learned about role of Service Dogs, how they have a j

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NYS Legislature Goes Bipartisan to Help Kitties

Onychectomy.  The veterinarian amputates each of a cat's toes at the first joint.  Because of feline anatomy that their claws are attached directly to the bone, declawing is not a simple process.  Declawing involves the removal of bone and tendons at the first joint.  It is as painful as it sounds.  It is also risky with a significant failure rate that the cat must live with for the rest of her life.

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Someone Left a Dog in That Car!  What Do I Do?!?!

Hey, we educated pet lovers have heard it often enough.  Even on a beautiful spring day, a closed car can simulate an oven.  If you want hard numbers, here is a YouTube from a vet from the UK who shows us how in 20 minutes the interior of his car became hotter than the highest temperature ever recorded in Death Valley (which happens to be 117 degrees Fahrenheit.)  He talks about protein breakdown at temperatures we call over 100 degrees and points out that he's wearing lightweight cotton scrubs and "dying" in the hot car.  A dog is wearing a fur coat.

For those who are mathematically inclined, we pre

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