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The Final and Greatest Gift You Can Give

When you have that close bond with your pet you will know in your heart when her time has come. It is the most difficult gift you can give.

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Our Top 6 Back-to-School Essentials for your pup


It’s a big week in Brooklyn! School is back in session, traffic is a bit gnarlier, and summer Fridays are over. For the dogs of Brooklyn, it’s a season of change as well as they are spending more time at home alone now that everyone’s fall schedules are in swing. Here are our top 6 essentials for dogs to keep busy and happy while you're away.


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Prospect Park Algae Bloom - How to Keep your Dogs Safe

Last update:  August 26, 2019 

Many of our Barkers read about the algae in Prospect Park Lake this morning in the New York Times  We had the same situation a few years ago and our good friend, veterinarian Dr. Chris Gaylord gave us the following information on how to handle an algae bloom:

PLEASE NOTE: The interview below is from a few years ago but the science and medical info is the same. As of 8/26/19, Prospect Park Lake is the only body of water closed for dog swimming (and people too). It's best to avoid getting close to this area with pups.  Dog beach remains open but is being tested weekly. We recommend that you check the Prospect Park website and keep up to date.


Interview with Dr. Christopher Gaylord

Brooklyn Bark:  The City of New York is reporting that the Department of Environmental Conservation has identified a harmful algal bloom in Prospect Park Lake.  What in the world does that mean?  And for those who don't know where we are talking about Prospect Park allows dogs to swim in their waters, untethered, during off leash hours.

Dr. Chris:  Harmful algal blooms are caused by blue-green algae which is also called cyanobacteria. It grows in warm sunny conditions in stagnant bodies of water where

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Bloat is a 4-Letter Word

Bloated_German_ShepherdYes, it's 5 letters but as any pet owner can tell you it's a horrible word.  It's a horrible thing.

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GREAT DOG WASH: Great time for Pups, Great time for new Social Media Stars

The Irish setter shook, spraying the already drenched, giddy volunteers while the little beagle was looking for his attorney's cell number hoping she could save him from the fate of b-a-t-h.  The haughty King Charles graciously accepted his packages of Charlee Bear treats while the freshly scrubbed Great Dane regally posed in a purple boa and sunglasses for pictures her delighted momma posted to Facebook.

It was joyous mayhem as Brooklyn Bark raised money and Brooklyn dog fun on a hot summer's day at Sean Casey Animal Rescue, last Saturday.  It was the 7th annual GREAT DOG WASH.

But what were we thinking?  What were we

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Seven Reasons to Bring Pup to the GREAT DOG WASH on Saturday

Seven is a lucky number.  Here are seven reasons to bring pup to Brooklyn Bark's GREAT DOG WASH this Saturday.

1)  YOU know your dog needs a bath.  Badly.

2)  Your DOG knows they need Charlee Bear TREATS to enjoy after their wash and to take home as a reward.  From the bottom of their paws.

3)  YOU know you would like to take home some home baked human goodies.  You need a yum sooo much!

4)  Your DOG knows they'd like you to take home some home baked doggie goodies.  And your pup needs a yum, too!  They say, even more.

5)  You BOTH would like to get out and socialize with other 

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Check out this New Vet in Town

I walked into a new vet who has been receiving a lot of buzz, Bond Vet in Cobble Hill, sat down next to a big buryly guy and smiled.

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Help Your Pup through the Heat

Cole Porter wrote it.  Our Care Associates and our Barkers live it.  It's Too Damn Hot.  With temps in the 90's, high 90's and some places hitting the 100's making it through can be a question of knowing what you are doing.  Here are some tips from our walkers to make the summer days, shall we say, more cool.

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Enjoying Classic Cuisine with Your Pup at Park Slope’s Sotto Voce

Prospect Park is Brooklyn's biggest and best places you can go to play around with your dog.  Finding an eatery that allow dogs in Brooklyn, is always a challenge and finding one that is totally welcoming, well, that's a real challenge. However, if you want quality food at a place that also welcomes your dog, Sotto Voce on Park Slope's corner of 7th Avenue and 4th Street is the place to head.

This pet-friendly restaurant welcomes you an

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8 Ways to Keep Your Pup Safe and Comfortable During Fireworks


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