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Steph Carlos: a Dog Walker Dancing Her Way in the South Side of Clinton Hill

Posted by Helen Bowers on Feb 16, 2016 2:10:00 PM

Dance, dance, dance...        


Stephanie Carlos (or Steph, as she prefers to be called) has been dancing since before her mom enrolled her in classes at the age of five.  In fact, her mom enrolled her because she was dancing her way through the house - on her tiptoes!   Now this young woman has a BFA in Dance from The University of the Arts and performs with her own dance company throughout the city. 


Even the dogs she walks can feel the joy and zest for life she brings while out for their walks.  It's contagious, too! Steph says people on the street "light up" when she and her Barkers pass by.  She considers dog walking the perfect 'day job' for creative types.  As she says: "I get to hang out with amazing dogs all day.  I feel like I'm spreading a little light, love, and joy to the families and the dog..."


Steph_9.jpgBesides spreading joy along with her four-legged friends, Steph is also on the receiving end when Dakota is happily birdwatching or when Tumbleweed is just being his adorable puppy self!  She takes her charges through the lively neighborhood of Clinton Hill South and enjoys the friendly people they meet along the way.  For their part, the dogs enjoy the squirrels, birds, and yummy smells.


So, what does Steph think about while (figuratively!) dancing along the street with Steph_pup.jpgbeloved dogs in tow?  Making sure those same dogs aren't scarfing some disgusting 'yummy' off the ground, showing them the love and attention they deserve, and thinking about how "happy and grateful I am to have this job!"


Some day, she would like to have a husky of her own, but for now she's content with her loving (and protective!) cats.  She would even like to be a bigger cat - a cheetah.  She thinks it would be Steph_11.jpgvery freeing to run like the wind.  Of course, dolphins hold a certain appeal, too.  She thinks it's amazing how they communicate through underwater vibrations.


Steph describes herself as calm and adaptable; two qualities that perhaps came about as a result of her experience as a yoga instructor.  If you would like your pets to experience her joyful serenity, concact us!  Here are some of the very special pets who already do.


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