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It's Midnight and You Need a Vet.  Help!

You're relaxing at home late in the evening and one of your pups decides to take a piece out of his brother.

It's 10 o'clock Christmas eve, your family has just finished exchanging gifts and, lo, what's that sticking out of kitty's bottom?  Could it be?  Yes it is! Tinsel.

It's a rainy Sunday afternoon and your Labrador is watching you practice your golf putt down the apartment hallway and gets so excited he decides to grab and swallow your golf ball.

Where is your vet, just when you need him of her?  Probably taking his own pup to the dog park or opening her own family Christmas presents or perfecting her own golf game on a rainy Sunday.  But you need a veterinarian.  Pronto!!!

If you live in Brooklyn you are fortunate for we have two top rated emergency vets with a total of three facilities.  And they provide 24-hour coverage.  Two are independently owned, those would be VERG North

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