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You and Pup can Fall in Love in Fall

Nothing smells as intoxicating as fresh fallen leaves on damp earth, especially in the fall sunlight.

And no music is more beautiful than the crunch of those leaves underfoot.

The leaves still on the trees are such pretty colors and they smile at you and pup, waving in the gentle breeze as you hike down the trail at Clarence Fahnestock State Park.   

Less than two hours north of Brooklyn, you can let your heart soar and your pup run, sniff and revel in being alive.   So get in your car or your zip car and head up the Taconic Parkway. You are a New Yorker. This is your park. And pup’s.

In over 14,000 acres, there are plenty of trails for you and pup to enjoy. Our super favorite is probably the easiest. Turn left at the first Fahnestock exit off the Taconic on to 301 Wes

t and then left again at the first parking lot where you can access a trail around a pond once used in mining iron ore. The trail is about a mile and a half long. Bring your lunch and marshmallows/chocolate bars/graham crackers and a few briquettes for there are plenty of picnic tables and grills for you to enjoy.

Print out a map of the park and find other trails and places

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