Our team

"Dog walking seems like an easy job, but it's hard to master. It's not for everyone. In fact it's not for most people. There are many moving intricate parts to ensure everyone - animals and people- receives personalized care ." -paraphrased from Brooklyn Bark walkers

 It's not easy to make the cut as Brooklyn Bark care giver. Brooklyn Bark has a reputation for not only providing amazing pet care, but for treating our employees well. Each staff member is Pet CPR/First Aid certified by our on-staff instructor.  To be a care giver the person must: 

- show exceptional devotion to animals - animal volunteer, hospital work...

- have existing knowledge of dog and cats

- be excellent at communication; we email clients after each visit with a update

- continue pursuing animal eduction (training, behavior modification, Vet Tech....)

- go through rigorous training

We are always looking for exceptional people to be part of our team. If you think you have what it takes, visit our hiring application page and apply! We would love to hear from you.  

Management Team

rachel bowers 

Rachel Bowers

Brooklyn Bark was founded by Rachel. She is the driving force behind the company - providing care that would be acceptable to her high expectations in the care of her own animals. To read more about Rachel and the start of Brooklyn Bark, check out this news article.

     - licensed NYS Wildlife Rehabilitator   

     - Pet CPR & First Aid Certified through PetTech


Helen Bowers with two Corgis

Helen Bowers

Takes care of the business of the business.  
Bark Master does administration, marketing, billing and generally keeps an eye on our Care Associates and our pup and kitty Barkers.  

Helen is a PetTech Instructor certified to teach:

  • Pet CPR/First Aid
  • Pet Wellness
  • Pet Dental
  • Senior Pet-izen




After many years in the land of 9-5, Colleen welcomed the opportunity to pursue her passion for animals with Brooklyn Bark!  With experience in industries from Optics to Publishing, she brings her Marketing talents and her love for all things 'spreadsheet' to the BB Family.

Her pup Murphy (pictured here) is our Chief Barketing Officer, who's favorite sing-a-long songs are 'FDNY' and 'The Mr. Softee' song.  Rachel keeps copies of his songs on her cell phone so she can show people his amazing howling talent on demand!

        -  Pet CPR & First Aid Certified through PetTech


Scheduling and New Client Team



Driven by his passionate for food, David graduated from the CIA (the good CIA - Culinary Institute of America).  His career had him cooking at Momofuku and other three star restaurants in the Northeast. 

These were passionate but very long days and they left him no time for his other love, his beloved pup, Olive. David began his Brooklyn Bark career as a Care Associate in Downtown Brooklyn.  He then moved on to develop and fine tune our on-boarding process for clients as the New Client Manager.  Now, David is taking his knowledge of all things Brooklyn Bark, his amazing people skills, and his incredible attention to detail and is working in a new role as Client Support Manager.

     -  Pet CPR & First Aid Certified through PetTech




He's from Kailua, Hawaii and is a cum laude graduate from SUNY Purchase in Jazz Saxophone.  Garrett has taught music, been a bike courier and worked in customer service.  He is the proud father of his cat Henry, pictured here, and has the scars to prove it :) After starting as a Care Associate in Bed-Stuy and Fort Greene, he made the move to indoor 'pup management' and is a integral part of our Scheduling Team.

Garrett and his sax are part of the New York music scene at night.  Check them out at GarrettBodley.com

      -  Pet CPR & First Aid Certified through PetTech


Jessica Poche.Profile Photo


Born in Queens but raised in downtown Brooklyn, the bonds Jess made with each of her pets were so strong and everlasting. "Animals show me unconditional love plus give me endless hours of happiness!" 

Technology has helped Jessica become as independent as she is today and her desire to be apart of the evolution helped her decide that she wanted a degree in computer network administration. When the opportunity to combine her technology skills while helping adorable fur babies arose, she couldn’t have been any happier and excited for the opportunity.  If you're booking services on the weekends, visits for your kitties, or care for your pup while you're traveling, Jessica is on the case! 




 Downtown/DUMBO Team



One of our Senior Care Associates, Originally from New Jersey, Kenny moved to New York to be a freelance writer. He's interested in all things pop culture especially music, food, and entertainment. Growing up, he had eight Russian Dwarf hamsters that he cared for and loved. While in college, he used to house sit and dog walk for his friends when they'd be out of town.
In his spare time, Kenny enjoys being a home cook. He's always looking for new ways to perfect his chili recipe. During the warmer months, he likes to bust out a small charcoal grill to cook for friends and....drink some beer!

      -  Pet CPR & First Aid Certified through PetTech



After 4 years in Special Education with the NYC Board of Ed, Jair brought his  is skills to his pups at Brooklyn Bark! He's an animal lover to the core and feels the bond he has with his barkers is just as strong as the ones he had with his students.



Theo is from New York and went to the University of Chicago, where he studied Russian Language and Literature. He has worked as a researcher and translator, and most recently as a paralegal with LGBTQ asylum seekers. These days, he enjoys writing and freelance interpreting, and the honor of meeting Brooklyn's pups as a backup walker! He has been a dog-lover since he was four and his family adopted their first dog, Sashi. For the past three years, he has been a very involved uncle to his roommate's perfect dachshund-pit mix, Patan. 



Growing up in a small town in Colorado, Ashli has been enjoying life in the Big Apple for over five years.  She is the proud pet Mom to her Greyhound, Reno, and her Dachshund, Ranger. Since her pups are back home in Colorado with her mom, she made the decision to move from a career in the dental field to pet care.

For two years now, the fur babies of Brooklyn have been helping to fill that gap in her heart and she doesn't hold back giving them lots of love and snuggles in return! 





 Born and raised in Brooklyn, Belkins is majoring in Criminal Justice at John Jay College. Although she loves the law, her true passion and calling in life is animal care. She started her animal career walking dogs and even worked at a doggy daycare handling all types of dog breeds. She now brings her experience and knowledge to Brooklyn Bark and loves all the pups who are a part of her furry family. Belkins has her own furry baby named Tebow who she is always showering with love and kisses. 

When she does have some free time, you’ll find Belkins at the gym or binge watching her favorite shows. 





A transplant from Atlanta, Sam is a freelance artist who has worked in the pet industry for 3 years. He has a pit bull named Charles who’s friendship inspired him to write a book addressing stigmas surrounding bully breeds. When he's not with his pups during the day you'll find Sam working on his art and exploring our beautiful city! 



Don is originally from Long Island and has lived in NYC for the past 25 years. He has been in Brooklyn for the last 10 years happily married to his wife. He has spent many years working as a Sr. Analyst at FOX Sports, but always knew something was missing. He always had a passion for animals and when given the opportunity to join Brooklyn Bark there was no going back.

In his free time Don loves to travel and takes many trips to the vineyards and the beach.


Fort Greene Team

 Chelsea - Downtown.jpg


Chelsea grew up in different parts of Virginia, and made the move to Brooklyn to pursue a career as a vocalist.  She graduated from Randolph College with a degree in Music, and has been singing her entire life.  She started her animal career in Virginia, working at a grooming shop and as a pet sitter.  There, she fell in love with caring for the pups and kittens, and she now continues that work with Brooklyn Bark as a Senior Care Associate and Mentor.  Chelsea has her own wonderful fur baby, an orange and black tortoise shell named Fela!  While Chelsea has never had a dog of her own, she is thrilled that she now has her barkers as a part of her life!

      -  Pet CPR & First Aid Certified through PetTech



A native New Yorker and animal lover (her three cats Kitty, Babycat, and Lair can vouch!), Jackie left a successful career in sales management to pursue her passion for animals, and now she is doing what she truly loves, caring for creatures! 

When not hanging with other species in her Beloved Brooklyn, and being a cat mom, Jackie obsesses over horror films, the beach, and music, and is a DJ and former radio show host. 



Ben is a lifelong lover of all animals from snakes to sharks to cats and dogs!  Ben just recently relocated to NYC from GA with his best friend/partner Juliana.  He spent the last 3 years as a Marine Biologist working along the Georgia Coast and has a B.S. and M.S. in Marine Sciences from Savannah State University.  Although Ben is a scientist at heart (just ask him to give the Latin names of your plants!), his true passion is working with animals.  Ben has five cats (that’s right ,five!) and loves making them jealous with the smells of all his pups from BB when he gets home each day!   He enjoys playing guitar and bass, going to see live music, and getting his feet wet and muddy in different wetlands!

-  Pet CPR & First Aid Certified through PetTech





Born and raised in Alabama, Audrie now considers Brooklyn her “Home Sweet Home.” She is a CRPA (certified peer recovery coach) and passionately involved in drug recovery, prevention and treatment in the community, but animals have my heart. Audrie has two amazing pups back in 'Bama, an older rescue Maltipoo named Karma, and prissy Maltese mix named Babygirl. Currently she shares her home (and her cheese) with a energetic great dane named Tonka.

When she's not working, which is few and far between because she loves her work, you'll find her hanging out down at the beach in Far Rockaway or getting some exercise at Fort Greene park.

-  Pet CPR & First Aid Certified through PetTech



Jami-Di has a lifelong relationship to animals. She was raised on a farm in Illinois and learned to care not only for her dogs and cat, but also for cows, horses and even a donkey! Her home was located in Shawnee National Forest which meant lots of run ins with wild critters and knowing how to handle them. From Illinois to Texas to California, Jami-Di made her way to NYC and decided it was time to get back to her roots- caring for the creatures she loves the most! 
When she's not adventuring with her Barkers, Jami-Di is hanging out with her own fur babies Mylo and Kylie. You'll often find her at a local coffee shop with a doughnut and a book in hand, throwing a football on the beach, or exploring NYC for live music and street festivals. 


Clinton Hill Team



With a master's degree in jazz saxophone, and recently home from an extensive year-long tour playing jazz saxophone and clarinet with the "World Famous Glenn Miller Orchestra", Tyler has been living in NYC for 4 non-consecutive years now. He is still grateful every day to be able to sleep in the same bed more than two nights in a row and to be able to live with and love his absolutely perfect cat Yoshi! 
Tyler got through a particularly rough time with Yoshi's help and because of that he truly feels an infinite debt of gratitude to his amazing little ball of love, which ultimately extends into a deep passion for all animals. Don't be surprised if you hear him singing a silly freestyle song to your cute little doggo!


Kyle grew up in Napa CA, in a home filled with pets. He has cared for dogs, cats, and hamsters since childhood, and has never lived in a home without animals. Kyle came to NYC to pursue film making and currently works as a freelance editor and director of videos and short films. He chose to become a dog walker for the friendship and joy that comes with spending time with dogs, as a balance to the busy and stressful world of film work. Kyle is a proud papa to his pet mouse, Meek. He also has two dogs, Copper and Happy, who live with his parents back in California.

  - Pet CPR & First Aid Certified through PetTech



Jenny is a freelance animator who loves pasta of any kind. Her guiltiest pleasure is bad reality TV.  When she’s not working on her amazing creations, she’s spending her day with the pups.  As a dog parent herself, she loves knowing that she’s giving other parents peace of mind and a sense of security. Every day is a journey for her with her pups and she relishes it!

Bed-Stuy Team



Born in Queens but raised in Bushwick, Joel is majoring in New Media Technology, Digital Media and App development. Though he loves his digital work, he also is passionate about animals and is thrilled to now be caring for the 'Barkers' of Bed Stuy! Growing up learned and loved on many pets such as turtles, hamsters, and a cat. But  it wasn't until a puppy named Tequila came into his home and did wonders helping his mother through a difficult time in her life, that his true passion was made clear.  In honor of Tequila, he's made it his mission to pay it forward to all the animals he works with and to humans in need. 

Currently Joel is growing out his locks and is going to be donating it to a cancer patients. If you live in Bed Stuy, you'll get to watch the pony tail get longer and longer! 

- Pet CPR & First Aid Certified through PetTech




Born in Brooklyn and raised in Lower East Side, Gio has an amazing sense of adventure! Whether he's out and about engaging in his favorite hobby of landscape photography or getting lost in amazing story lines through anime, movies, and video games, he's always on the look out for beautiful and engaging things.  He brings this sense of adventure and love of animals to us at Brooklyn Bark!  His life long goal is to travel the world and capture it's beauty! 

      -  Pet CPR & First Aid Certified through PetTech


Williamsburg Team



Viki came to the United States with her family from Uzbekistan when she was 9. She started her career at Brooklyn Bark as a Care Associate and then moved to a Senior CA and Mentor. Though her pups (and her clients) were all devastated to let her go, Viki became a part of the admin team as our Field Operations Manager, where she helped  manage the day to day of our pups and our team. After being accepted into a Masters Program, Viki decided to go back to walking pups during the day while she focuses on her studies in the evenings. We miss her on the management team but her fur babies are happy to have her back.

Most importantly, Viki is a proud mom to her two amazing Shitzu's Jili and Ramses.

Want to know more about Viki?  Click here 

     -  Pet CPR & First Aid Certified through PetTech




Born and raised in NYC, Karmenife’s adoration for animals started at a young age. Her house was always filled with cats and she began dog-sitting for friends and family when she was 14. Karmenife left NYC to attend Wesleyan University, where she received her BA in English with a Concentration in Creative Writing. 

Now back in New York, Karmenife focuses on creating art, writing a television series and expanding her knitting business to include making adorable sweaters for adorable pups and critters. 

 -  Pet CPR & First Aid Certified through PetTech

Park Slope | Prospect Heights | Crown Heights | Windsor Terrace Team

alex sherba


Alex brings his passion for the dogs and cats of Park Slope to Brooklyn Bark. On weekends he volunteers for Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue, rehabilitating their more difficult dogs and facilitating adoptions all through the County of Kings.

A theater major, Alex is lead guitarist with two rock/alternative/indie pop bands by night, The Morrow and The Lovehowl, and is working on becoming Dr. Doolittle with Brooklyn Bark by day.

          -  Pet CPR & First Aid Certified through PetTech



Born and raised in park slope, Angel's love for animals started at a very young age. It all began with Nala & Simba, his parakeets at the age of 2 to now having 2 pups and 3 cats of his own!. He’s always loved being around animals and Brooklyn Bark gives him the opportunity to make a career out of his passion!  When he's not with his Barkers during the day, Angel is currently on the path to becoming a vet tech and is enrolled at LaGuardia community college. So it's dogs by day, class and books by night for this guy...and nothing makes him happier! 




Katie grew up in Park Slope and has her Associates Degree in Equine Management. She has worked with dogs from all over the US, from Arizona to Manhattan. Now she brings her skills and passion to Brooklyn Bark! Katie enjoys the individual care she can give the members of her pack and points out that horses act just like big dogs and vice versa.

Katie and is always amazed at the number and variety of dogs she meets in Prospect Park where she and her dog, Amiga, go for playtime. Amiga is a rescue that Katie met through her volunteer work at Bide-A-Wee. Along with Amiga, Katie shares her home with two rescue cats, Cozy and ChiChi. 

 image1 (2)


Coming from a long line of caregivers, fostered a deep sense of empathy and compassion in Tony. For over 30 years, his great-grandfather ran a kennel and boarding service on his farm for the locals in small town southern Ohio. Since those days, his family’s farms have hosted a plethora of animals from chickens to sheep and even a water buffalo! Throughout his youth, the farm was a safe haven for a number of stray pups and kitties that they were more than delighted to have join their family of five pups. 

Upon graduating from The Ohio State University with his Bachelors in Psychology, he worked in both the medical and hospitality fields for a number of years. As months became years being tied to his desk, he finally began to realize his true calling. As a budding horticultural enthusiast, he spends his time studying at the Botanical Gardens, volunteering with Prospect Park, and taking care of his growing group of pups at Brooklyn Bark! 

 -  Pet CPR & First Aid Certified through PetTech 

Screen Shot 2019-05-05 at 7.23.11 PMImage Coming Soon! 


At the age of 5, Yelena came to Brooklyn from her home country of Russia. Her love of animals was apparent from a very young age and she once recused a lost greyhound on her own!

After 8 years in the culinary world as a pasta chef, she began reading up on animal nutrition to help her pup Jazz who was suffering from allergies and gastrointestinal ailments. While she's cooking up yummy and healthy goodies for Jazz and pursuing the path of becoming an animal nutritionist, she spends her days with her pups and kitties at Brooklyn Bark!



After completing her associate's degree in music, Samantha came to Brooklyn from Suffolk Co, to pursue her bachelors in music education. She's played the violin, guitar, and drums for about 12 years now and is also a singer/songwriter in her spare time.  She has been caring for pups and kitties professionally for years now but has had animals in her life since she was 3. She loves caring for her Brooklyn Barkers and we're waiting to see what music they inspire in her!



Screen Shot 2019-08-26 at 12.23.05 PM


Dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, cows, goats, horses, sheep, pigs and one very  interesting donkey named Mazy. These are the animals that Kaileen grew up with and helped care for on her parent's quaint farm in the Berkshires. When it was time for her to leave the proverbial nest, she set out to study acting at the University of Connecticut. While studying she got opportunities to travel to London, Germany, and San Francisco.

Postgraduate, Kaileen ventured to Brooklyn to pursue her acting career and care for some of her best furry(and feathered) friends, outside of her families farm. 

Back-Up Walkers

Justin Filpes- Profile


Born and raised in Miami, Justin grew up obsessed with the marine life and many exotic animals of the Florida Everglades. He kept various reptiles, fish, birds, and a toy Maltese named Sugar that he reluctantly left behind when he decided to move to New York to pursue a degree in philosophy nearly 5 years ago. He is now an aspiring filmmaker studying at CCNY’s MFA program, but his passion for animals (and especially dogs) has yet to fade through the thick of it all.




After studying psychology at York University, Martha worked in retail before deciding to pursue her love of dogs as a career. With an background in pet care, Martha brings all of her knowledge, passion and love for animals to her pups and kitties each day at Brooklyn Bark.  Having spent much of her time before joining the team working with animals indoors, she now relishes being more 'on-the-go' outside with her pups each day!

When she's not out with her Barkers, you'll find Martha achieving 'zen' practicing yoga, or sending pins flying at the bowling alley with friends.  

-  Pet CPR & First Aid Certified through PetTech



A transplant from Canada, Sonya now lives in Brooklyn with her husband and a skinny grey cat called Trotsky.  Having grown up with a dog - a willful Shiba Inu - and a quiet black cat, she loves animals, and is thrilled to be meeting new ones through Brooklyn Bark.

A graduate of McGill, Sonya also works in the arts and as a freelance writer, but enjoys moments away from the computer and the books to be outside with the doggies and kitties of Brooklyn.



After growing up in Vermont with a menagerie of dogs, cats, goats, one tame deer, and horses, Genevieve attended Mount Holyoke College where she dog-walked and house-sat in order to keep animals in her life while at school. An ornery corgi (Barley), a lovesick lab/boxer (Nigel), and a stoic hound dog (Copper, a Winston Churchill look-alike) wait for her in Vermont while she lives in New York.

While pursuing an advanced degree, she brings a lifetime of animal knowledge and love to the pups and kitties of Brooklyn Bark. She lives with three exciting cats (Governor Roosevelt, Darcy, and Jerry) and two sassy chickens in Fort Greene, and has begun fostering elderly dogs. She’s also a maple syrup expert and sells the real stuff on weekends.  

      -  Pet CPR & First Aid Certified through PetTech


image (2)


After catching the banjo bug in his youth, Jordan pursued his love of traditional music through higher education and graduated with a performance degree from Berkeley College of Music.  Jordan’s passion for animals was also instilled at a young age with his first two dogs, a black lab mutt named Maddie and a border collie and Australian shepherd mix named Lucy.  

He moved to Brooklyn to continue his musical path and found Brooklyn Bark along the way!  These days you can find him spending quality time with pups in Downtown Brooklyn by day and performing around NYC with various bluegrass outfits at night.

    - Pet CPR & First Aid Certified through PetTech



Before moving to Brooklyn from Virginia, Matt worked for his hometown county's government office.  Prior to that, he had the privilege to work for a dog boarding and daycare facility and found it engaging in every aspect.

While he pursues his career in acting for film and TV, he get's to spend the daylight hours with his Barkers!  He prides himself on his amazing ability to bond with the pups and kitties of Brooklyn!

 describe the image


Josh has taught band & percussion in Dallas, English in Brazil & Korea and cruised as a musician with Royal Caribbean.  Most important, he worked as a dog walker and volunteered at a local shelter when he and his bride lived in Seattle.

He is back-up drummer for a number of Broadway shows as well as a music teacher. He and his wife are owned by spoiled Lab named Adi. They love sharing their house with other pups. 

       -  Pet CPR & First Aid Certified through PetTech 

 nick waldorf


After receiving his bachelors in Music Engineering Nick moved to New York seven years ago.  To support himself began walking dogs in Manhattan.

Nick's passion for animals is now his primary life motivator, especially as he is now caring from pups and kitties in his beloved Brooklyn freeing his time for more rescue and volunteer work.

      -  Pet CPR & First Aid Certified through PetTech