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"Dog walking seems like an easy job, but it's hard to master. It's not for everyone. In fact it's not for most people. There are many moving intricate parts to ensure everyone - animals and people- receives personalized care ." -paraphrased from Brooklyn Bark walkers

 It's not easy to make the cut as Brooklyn Bark care giver. Brooklyn Bark has a reputation for not only providing amazing pet care, but for treating our employees well. Each staff member is Pet CPR/First Aid certified by our on-staff instructor.  To be a care giver the person must: 

- show exceptional devotion to animals - animal volunteer, hospital work...

- have existing knowledge of dog and cats

- be excellent at communication; we email clients after each visit with a update

- continue pursuing animal eduction (training, behavior modification, Vet Tech....)

- go through rigorous training

We are always looking for exceptional people to be part of our team. If you think you have what it takes, visit our hiring application page and apply! We would love to hear from you.  


rachel bowers 

Rachel Bowers

Brooklyn Bark was founded by Rachel. She is the driving force behind the company - providing care that would be acceptable to her high expectations in the care of her own animals. To read more about Rachel and the start of Brooklyn Bark, check out this news article.

Rachel is also a licensed NYS Wildlife Rehabilitator.

Helen Bowers with two Corgis

Helen Bowers

Takes care of the business of the business.  
Bark Master does administration, marketing, billing and generally keeps an eye on our Care Associates and our pup and kitty Barkers.  

Helen is a PetTech Instructor certified to teach:

  • Pet CPR/First Aid
  • Pet Wellness
  • Pet Dental
  • Senior Pet-izen


Cathy received her BS in Environmental Sciences cum laude from the University of Colorado.  She joined the staff of the Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Longmont CO and worked her way up to release coordinator.

Now in NYC, she is starting the City's first ever mammal Wildlife Center (opening soon). She finds the time for medicine administration and back-up care for Brooklyn Bark while helping with scheduling. 

Cathy is also a licensed NYS Wildlife Rehabilitator.

Scheduling and New Client Team



Driven by his passionate for food, David graduated from the CIA (the good CIA - Culinary Institute of America).  His career had him cooking at Momofuku and other three star restaurants in the Northeast. 

These were passionate but very long days and they left him no time for his other love, his beloved pup, Olive. David began his Brooklyn Bark career as a Care Associate in Downtown Brooklyn.  Now, he expertly combines his experience caring for our Barkers and the skills he learned running kitchens to smoothly bring our new clients into the pack!

-  Pet CPR & First Aid Certified through PetTech



He's from Kailua, Hawaii and is a cum laude graduate from SUNY Purchase in Jazz Saxophone.  Garrett has taught music, been a bike courier and worked in customer service.  He has a furry girlfriend and her name is Luna (yes, that is Luna in the picture). Garrett has been caring for animals in Bed Stuy and Ft Greene. He recently moved to support staff and helps cordinate schedules and emergencies. 

Garrett and his sax are now part of the New York music scene at night.  Check them out at GarrettBodley.com

 -  Pet CPR & First Aid Certified through PetTech



A native New Yorker and skilled cat wrangler, Anna is an important member of our scheduling team.  If you're looking for a sleepover or a cat sit, she'll be the one working her logistical magic to help your fur-baby get all settled in. In her off hours, Anna enjoys taking photos, hanging with alpacas and lamas (See photo) and inventing ever more elaborate strategies to keep her door opening cat Toby from stealing food.
-Pet CPR & First Aid Certified through PetTech

Area Managers

nick waldorf


After receiving his bachelors in Music Engineering Nick moved to New York seven years ago.  To support himself began walking dogs in Manhattan.

Nick's passion for animals is now his primary life motivator, especially as he is now caring from pups and kitties in his beloved Brooklyn freeing his time for more rescue and volunteer work.

Want to know more about Nick?  Click on his photo.

 -  Pet CPR & First Aid Certified through PetTech



Superstar Jake lives, eats and sleeps animals.  He grew up on a hobby farm in upstate New York with horses, cows, pigs, chickens and, as he says, "of course German Shepards."

Jake is our go-to guy for anyone on staff who has a pup behavioral question.  He is also our Quality Control manager, working daily one-on-one with our staff keeping them knowlegable and fresh.  Jake smiles through his days for he is outdoors, with animals and now living in the most vibrant place on the planet. 

-  Pet CPR & First Aid Certified through PetTech

Downtown/DUMBO Team



Adam got his B.A. from Binghamton University, and is currently a part-time M.A. student at Brookyn College.  A real New Yorker - New York State, that is - he hails from Orange County, NY.  He grew up with a Husky-mix named Rascal who was true to his name, and in recent years has cared for rescue dogs in need, including Thor the Shih-Tzu and Yoshi the Maltese.  With dedication and patience, he and his girlfriend are currently raising Bowser, a lovable and shy chihuahua. 

Adam has worked for documentary filmmakers and a radio station, and is pursuing his Master's in International Affairs. He writes and researches on topics of geopolitical importance, while continuing to care for the Barker dogs and cats he adores.

Want to know more about Adam?  Click on his photo.

-  Pet CPR & First Aid Certified through PetTech

 Matt O'Brien


Matt had very successful career as a news reporter on Wall Street after receiving his degree in English Lit from UMass. 

Matt looked back to growing up and helping his mom who owns a pet sitting business in Pennsylvania.  With the experience of working for Mom and the love pups and kitties, Matt has joined Brooklyn Bark.  He expects his writing to make a 180 degree turn from his days on Wall Street as he experiences the love of our Barkers. 

Want to know more about Matt?  Click on his photo.

-  Pet CPR & First Aid Certified through PetTech 



Viki came to the United States with her family from Uzbekistan when she was 9.  She didn't own a dog until she was 16 and her first pup, Jill, is now her best friend and study mate.  Viki is so in love with Jill that she decided  to walk dogs for financial support while in school.

Viki will begin grad school in September.   Walking dogs, caring for the business side and studying was a bit much so, we are delighted that she is continuing her education and bringing her critter skills to work with our Barkers.

Want to know more about Viki?  Click on her photo. 

-  Pet CPR & First Aid Certified through PetTech




Casey has the pleasure of walking the ‘Barkers’ of Brooklyn Bark around his birthplace of Cobble Hill. Although he moved to New Jersey after only 8 months in Brooklyn, he still feels connected to the area. It was in Jersey where he grew up with two labradors (black and yellow) who made Casey the dog lover he is today.

Casey moved back to New York City in 2007 where he studied at NYU and the New School for Jazz & Contemporary Music, majoring in music business and piano performance/composition. With Brooklyn Bark, he's now found a great balance between his two passions...music and animals!

Pet CPR & First Aid Certified through PetTech



Alley is an NYU Music Business graduate, resident Brooklynite, and mom of two beautiful kitties. After graduating NYU, Alley worked full-time in the music industry for over 2 and a half years. We're super happy that she had a change of heart that brought her to Brooklyn Bark, where she finally feels she is doing what she loves the most (obsessing over other people's animals). On weekends she volunteers at a cat shelter in Union Square because 5 full days of animals is just not enough for her.

-Pet CPR & First Aid Certified through PetTech

Fort Greene Team

Mariya MegoVela



Mariya is putting the finishing touches on her degree in Environmental Science. 

She grew up with a pet chinchilla (very cute and fluffy but not affectionate) and a Shih Tzu named Ramses (very cute, fluffy AND affectionate).  Ramses defined her teen years for it was he who made her realize how expansive and capable her heart is.

Mariya's expansive and capable heart, we are glad to say, is guiding her as she cares for Barker pups, kitties and others.

Want to know more about Mariya?  Click on her photo

-  Pet CPR & First Aid Certified through PetTech



Zoe came to Brooklyn to fulfill a lifelong dream of living in the Big Apple.  As a nature lover and fruitarian, NYC now seems like a strange fit for Zoe, but it’s a whole lot closer to paradise with her job as a care associate for Brooklyn Bark in the Fort Greene area. 

Growing up  Zoe has always felt a close connection with animals.  There has never been a time when she lived without a pet, except during the ten months that she studied German with the University of Graz in Graz, Austria.  During this time, she would Skype home to see her beloved childhood friend and pet named Strider, a black lab / shepherd mix.  Now, she gets to feed her passion and feel that joy with the furry companions she works with each day.  She says the love of her beautiful barkers feeds her soul!

Pet CPR & First Aid Certified through PetTech



As a graduate of Bowling Green State University, with a degree in percussion performance, Terrence has been playing drums and percussion for the past 8 years. He wowed audiences and fellow musicians on Holland America Cruise lines as well as several Broadway National tours. His most recent work was with Mamma Mia the Musical.

Terrence grew up not too far from here in Newtown, CT. He had a fun-loving golden retriever that would entertain and challenge him and his siblings day after day. He later would help raise a Yorkie-poo (pictured) that changed his life!

Terrence has always loved animals, especially dogs! He is loving all of the new life-altering friendships he's making now with his new fur-babies at Brooklyn Bark!
-Pet CPR & First Aid Certified through PetTech


Originally from Miami, Noah moved to Brooklyn with his girlfriend and two cats, Annie and Pushka (Pushka, he was told originally by his sister, means “fluffy” in Russian. It does not. It means “cannon”). He graduated from Bowdoin College with a degree in philosophy and religion and He now ponders life's big questions with input from his dogs and cats at Brooklyn Bark. You should hear some of the feedback he gets!!:)  In his free time, he plays and records music, writes fiction, and plays water polo. He worked as a live sound engineer in Portland and produced an album of original songs a couple years ago in a tiny bedroom studio. 

Pet CPR & First Aid Certified through PetTech

Clinton Hill Team



Cole moved to Brooklyn in 2010 from Oklahoma, where he studied Film and Mass Communication at the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State Institute of Technology. As a musician, he has found a niche in a number of local projects and thrives on the performance art underbelly of the city.  A lifelong lover of dogs, he feels it is perfectly normal, nay, expected to have deep, meaningful conversations with his furry friends...and theirs is the underbelly that is the most joyful to rub!



With leash in hand, Steph walks through Clinton Hill as the Philadelphia University of the Arts graduate who received her BFA in dance that she is.  When not walking Barkers, Steph is a principal dancer, choreographer and business manager for Esque Dance Collective.  She also models in her spare time.

Steph loves the two cats that now own her and she relishes the pup time she gets with our Barkers every day.

Want to know more about Steph?  Click on her photo.

-  Pet CPR & First Aid Certified through PetTech

Bed-Stuy Team

milton barreto


A graduate of both the Music Conservatory of Puerto Rico and the Jazz and Creative Music Workshop in Alberta, Canada, Milton has traveled around the world playing with different bands.  He has always missed the dogs of his boyhood.  His family never had fewer than three.

Now, settling down as a composer of soundtracks for movies and documentaries Milton is able to both express his passion for pups and kitties and supplement his income by loving and caring for the Barkers of Brooklyn.

Want to know more about Milton?  Click on his photo.

-  Pet CPR & First Aid Certified through PetTech



Born in Queens but raised in Bushwick, Joel is majoring in New Media Technology, Digital Media and App development. Though he loves his digital work, he also is passionate about animals and is thrilled to now be caring for the 'Barkers' of Bed Stuy! Growing up learned and loved on many pets such as turtles, hamsters, and a cat. But  it wasn't until a puppy named Tequila came into his home and did wonders helping his mother through a difficult time in her life, that his true passion was made clear.  In honor of Tequila, he's made it his mission to pay it forward to all the animals he works with and to humans in need. 

Currently Joel is growing out his locks and is going to be donating it to a cancer patients. If you live in Bed Stuy, you'll get to watch the pony tail get longer and longer! 

- Pet CPR & First Aid Certified through PetTech



Born in Brooklyn and raised in Lower East Side, Gio has an amazing sense of adventure! Whether he's out and about engaging in his favorite hobby of landscape photography or getting lost in amazing story lines through anime, movies, and video games, he's always on the look out for beautiful and engaging things.  He brings this sense of adventure and love of animals to us at Brooklyn Bark!  His life long goal is to travel the world and capture it's beauty! 


Williamsburg Team



After 6 years in the corporate world, both in publishing and in sales, Steven decided to follow his heart and work with animals, being passionate about his own two dogs.

As a music major, Steven now has the time to play his trombone as well as care for his two little boys (the human kind).  He says, "I care for my Barkers and they have given me a new life."

-  Pet CPR & First Aid Certified through PetTech



Pete has always loved dogs from a young age and was fortunate enough to grow up with an awesome Shih-Tzu named Gizmo. He is excited to bring his canine appreciation and passion for helping animals to the Brooklyn Bark team. 
As a musician, Jazz pianist, music teacher and DJ are just a few of the musical hats Pete wears. He is very excited to return to New York after earning a masters in music from Portland State University. When he’s not walking dogs, you guessed it, he’s probably making music. You can check out some of his tunes here: PeteLaMalfa.com
- Pet CPR & First Aid Certified through PetTech



Ash, a recent graduate of Pratt Institute, is a freelance animator and illustrator. Having been an animal lover their whole life, Ash was eager to take the chance to work with and take care of dogs and cats, spending their free time to work on and develop their portfolio.
Ash grew up in the forests of Vermont with an English Mastiff named Beta and an American Shorthair named Tosia. These amazing pups jumpstarted Ash's love for all animals laying the foundation for the patient, loving Care Associate that they are today!
Pet CPR & First Aid Certified through PetTech

Park Slope/Windsor Terrace Team

alex sherba


An experienced professional dog walker, Alex brings his passion for the dogs and cats of Park Slope to Brooklyn Bark. On weekends he volunteers for Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue, rehabilitating their more difficult dogs and facilitating adoptions all through the County of Kings.

A theater major, Alex is lead guitarist with two rock/alternative/indie pop bands by night, The Morrow and The Lovehowl, and is working on becoming Dr. Doolittle with Brooklyn Bark by day.

-  Pet CPR & First Aid Certified through PetTech


Stephanie is one year from receiving her Masters in biology from Hunter College. Not surprisingly, she is passionate about all things living and more so if they have fur or feathers.

While Stephanie finishes up her thesis on the way to a Nobel Prize she has chosen to share her love with the kitties and pups of Brooklyn Bark.

Want to know more about Stephanie?  Click on her photo.

-  Pet CPR & First Aid Certified through PetTech



Katie came to Brooklyn Bark an experienced dog walker and hit the ground running.  She can meet a dog for the very first time and instantly become beloved leader of the pack, a veritable Pied Piper.

When the day is over, Katie needs to balance with human talk so she tends bar four nights a week where she talks about - what else - the kitties and pups she cares for and loves. 

-  Pet CPR & First Aid Certified through PetTech



Born and raised in New York, Jim has spent the last twelve years honing his skills as a playwright, having produced his own shows all over Manhattan. He holds a Bachelors of Science in Creative Writing from the New School University and an MFA from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts in Dramatic Writing. Jim currently lives in Brooklyn and loves to read, spend time outdoors with his dog April and meet up with friends for a coffee. He is very excited to join the Brooklyn Bark team and the many stories that will emerge from his relationships with all the amazing pups.

 - Pet CPR & First Aid Certified through PetTech



Before moving to NYC, Shaina worked at the Connecticut Science Center where she could work with exotic animals on a regular basis. And because she grew up with dogs and cats her entire life it only made sense that she would take on a job with Brooklyn Bark! Now when Shaina’s not out walking dogs she spends time chasing her passion of perfecting her knowledge of video editing software and creating video content.

- Pet CPR & First Aid Certified through PetTech 



Heather is thrilled to be out from behind a desk! She's always loved animals and, after many years in the news design business, one day she woke up to the idea of making her living around a loving connection with her community's fur babies.
She loves walking pups as well as cat-sitting. She cares deeply for, and is endlessly amused by all of her animal clients.
Originally from Texas, Heather is also a critically acclaimed singer-songwriter as well as a visual artist with a unique style. She continues to freelance as a web designer and illustrator.
 - Pet CPR & First Aid Certified through PetTech

Support Team



Emily was a private dog walker and pet sitter with a degree in journalism and a career in book publishing.  As her interests have shifted toward health and wellness, she is going back to school for a masters in Public Health Nutrition.

To find more time to focus on her studies without giving up pup and kitty time, Emily joined Brooklyn Bark.  With her tremendous background and passion, she has become our back-up walker.  So expect to meet Emily when your pup's own Care Associate needs some time off.

-  Pet CPR & First Aid Certified through PetTech



A transplant from Canada, Sonya now lives in Brooklyn with her husband and a skinny grey cat called Trotsky.  Having grown up with a dog - a willful Shiba Inu - and a quiet black cat, she loves animals, and is thrilled to be meeting new ones through Brooklyn Bark.

A graduate of McGill, Sonya also works in the arts and as a freelance writer, but enjoys moments away from the computer and the books to be outside with the doggies and kitties of Brooklyn.

describe the image 


Josh has taught band & percussion in Dallas, English in Brazil & Korea and cruised as a musician with Royal Caribbean.  Most important, he worked as a dog walker and volunteered at a local shelter when he and his bride lived in Seattle.

He is back-up drummer for a number of Broadway shows as well as a music teacher. He and his wife are owned by spoiled Lab named Adi. They love sharing their house with other pups. 

-  Pet CPR & First Aid Certified through PetTech 



Brooklyn born and raised, Michael has always had animals as part of his life.  But it wasn't until he became responsible for Earl, a cat with a UTI, did it hit him how we are guardians for the world's critters, large and small. 

To stay physically and mentally fit during his off time, Michael trains and teaches jiu jitsu and writes.

Want to know more about Michael?  Click on his photo.

-  Pet CPR & First Aid Certified through PetTech