Meet Regan

Reagan Fishman


Now in its third year, the Brooklyn Mutt Show is the brainchild and passion of Regan Fishman, Creative Director.


Ms. Fishman is in a unique position to create “The Fun Alternative to Westminster” as a pivotal employee of the Brooklyn Lyceum where she “makes the performance space work” to the point that it the venue of choice for myriads of Brooklyn actors and artists. 


After months of work and preparation for the show, Regan really makes the show!  Her passion for the pups and for having a great time flows through the audience and spurs on the contestants.  Regan makes the Mutt Show a true Brooklyn experience.


If you haven’t signed up for one of her great contests yet, please check out the choices at and then register at


And, thanks to Regan, a great time will be had by all.