Past Events

At Brooklyn Bark we don't stop at dog walking, we take it to the next level with your pet!

CPR classes, sailing, hikes, ball games, doggie parties, dogs at weddings... yes we believe Fido is family and where we go, so does s/he!! 

Below are some examples of events we've had in the past



Brooklyn Bark is proud to have a certified Pet Tech Instructor for Pet First Aid/CPR on staff.

We have taught many Pet Emergency classes and would like to spread the knowledge. 



Bark in the Park with the Brooklyn Cyclones

 A partnership between the Brooklyn Cyclones, the Mayor's Alliance for NYC Animals and Brooklyn Bark welcomed dogs and their people to the Cyclones baseball game in August. 

What an amazing night! 

Dogs + baseball. Can't get much better!

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PB & DS (People BBQ & Dog Swim)

There are many perks to being a Bklyn Barker and the PD&DS is definitely one of those! This is a private event just for Barkers. 

This is THE best way to welcome in summer. Relax with fellow Barkers while you eat yummy home cooked food and watch your pup play with others in the park and water. 

We don't know if the dogs or the people had a better time. An afternoon swimming, chasing, playing for the dogs. And afternoon of vicarious joy, schmoozing and munching for the people.

Dogs went home happy, happy tired. People went home with SWAG in a tote bag with their pup's picture. Lots of fun & Lots of goodies. 

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