CPR Classes @ Brooklyn Bark

Brooklyn Barker to address the “what if” of pet ownership.

How many times does a NYC dog pick something up from the street? You want to grab it from him and in keeping it from you he starts to choke.  Or, as actually happened to one one of our students, pup is excited - in her case it was a doggie birthday party - and starts to choke?

PetTech Instructor, Helen the Bark Master, ably assisted by 14 life-sized stuffed dogs and our own Rachel taught those attending first how to assess an emergency situation and then how to handle some of the more common pet emergencies, including bleeding and cardiac arrest.
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Following Hippocratic instruction “First do no harm” students learned how to asses the level of emergency, how to protect themselves and others from harm and then and only then, to administer first aid, CPR or both.

The most dramatic realization owners learn: the first reaction of a dog being rescued is often to bite his rescuer, even if it is his own pet parent.  So, before we learned how to make things better, we learned how to prevent them from getting worse. 

Take a ribbon, a shoe lace, a bandanna, a piece of gauze and make a muzzle, a muzzle that the dog won’t be able to paw off.  We learned how to encircle the muzzle and secure our material around the pup’s neck.

Once the rescuer’s safety is ensured, we learned how to identify and record pulse, breathing and seizure activity. 

We learned the rhythm of “breathe, breathe, 15 chest compressions; breathe, breathe, 15 chest compressions”.  Once learned we each “resuscitated” our own stuffed pup.

Another common dog/cat injury involves bleeding be it from a bite or an accident.  We learned and practiced bandaging and learned that by tying the gauze so there is a bow opposite the wound site, the vet will automatically know to insert the cutting scissors on the opposite side.

Brooklyn Barkers and friends are all a modicum safer now with pet emergency knowledge being spread in our community.

And with the entire staff of Brooklyn Bark now PetTech
certified, our furry Barkers - dogs and cats - have an extra level of protection on their walks and visits.

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