Pets Breathe too

Helping FDNY to rescue our beloved pets



Starting January, 2016, we are launching the Brooklyn Bark Pet O2 Mask Project.

Here are a few obvious observations:

  • Dogs, cats, all our pets, breathe the same as we do
  • Our pets, just like we humans, are susceptible to smoke inhalation and other related issues when involved in a fire or an accident
  • To treat humans with breathing problems at the scene of a fire or accident, FDNY always brings O2 canisters
  • To administer oxygen one needs a mask that directs/forces it into the nose and mouth
  • Humans have relatively flat faces.  Oxygen masks for humans are flat
  • Dogs, cats and most pets have muzzles so require a cone shaped mask to administer oxygen
  • These cone shaped masks are used in veterinary hospitals all over the world, not only to administer oxygen but to administer anesthesia
  • Most fire and EMS personnel are compassionate, wanting to rescue pets as well as people.  Many are pet owners themselves.

In January 2016, Brooklyn Bark and our partners (Veterinary Emergency & Referral Group - VERG, AmbuVet, Mayor's Alliance for NYC Animals, Canine Company, Calm Energy Dog Training and Cheeky Dog Day Care) will be working with the Fire Department of New York - FDNY - to launch our Brooklyn Bark Pet O2 Mask Project to assure that there will be a set of pet oxygen masks available at every fire and every accident in New York City.