We’re not just pet lovers - We are animals lovers!

For many years we have been helping animals in need.

Animals range from orphaned and injured birds, squirrels, cats and dogs.** Most of the time, emergency calls are made to shelters or emergency and rehabilitation centers for help. Most shelters are operating with over-flowing facilities and we do what we can by opening our home and expertise to care for any animal.

radar and loafer sleeping togetherWe currently share our life with 3 starlings and Radar, a Welsh Corgi and a revolving door’s worth of rescue animals at any given time.  Everyone is a “rescue” with a very interesting story.  We volunteer with The Wild Bird Fund to help alleviate some of the strain the extremely devoted and overwhelmed staff members face.  Our happy family temporarily expands to help rehabilitate orphaned or injured birds and other wildlife.  It is amazing that there always seems to be peace and understanding among all our species.

All year we volunteer at the Wild Bird Fund in Manhattan, use our car to make rescue or release runs as well as donating our home and time to care for these demanding little creatures. Spring and Summer months are the busiest when NYCs wildlife try to raise young in the concrete jungle. Baby animals are taken in and raised to healthy adults before release.

Our assistant Bark Master is a German shepherd recently rescued from Brooklyn with the help of Foster Dogs NYC.

**Rachel is a NYS licensed Wildlife Rehabber! Please do not try to care for orphaned or injured animals on your own! Many wild animals can hurt you when they are injured or sick. Give Rachel a call at 347-850-4922! Or Wild Bird Fund 646-306-2862

We try to keep an updated blog of animal rescues at 


Here is a list of some animal welfare organizations we support:

-ASPCAHumane Society of USVetDogsAnimal Medical Centerbideawee, Sean CaseyWild Bird Fund-

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Some of the many Brooklyn Bark Rescues: 

Pigeons galore at AG mal looking up Baby Henry Magnolia Warbler
White Meat and Dark Meat Baby Starlings Baby Starling - Perch WBF logo