How does GPS Tracking work?


Everything is tracked by our smartphones. Since our phones are always with us when we walk, you are seeing where your pup has been with your walker and for how long. No extra devices or implants needed. 

Here’s how it works. 

  1. Each client has their own online account where you can view past, present and future visits. Much like using any other electronic calendar, you book a time for your pup to be walked.  

  2. When we come to your house, we scan your unique QR code. This turns on our GPS and sends you a notification that the walk started. Since we are always with your dog during the walk, you are seeing where we’ve been. 

  3. At the end of the visit, we scan your code to end the walk. This also allows us to type an update to you so you know how things went - who your pups played with, if they peed or pooped or where given food or meds. 

  4. You’ll get an email letting you know the walk is completed and you can view your dogs daily walks

GPS end walk overview

* This is an example of a completed walk. Paw prints on the GPS map show where your pup has been with your care giver as well as a small note detailing the expedition.

This system is great! You know exactly when we’ve been to your house, for how long and where your pup likes to go for walks. No more wondering when or if the walk was done. Knowing exactly when and how long your pup was out for allows you to plan your day. Saw that Fido was out for 45 min instead of 20min? Maybe that means you can catch up on some work or even get a quick drink with some friends before rushing home.