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Brooklyn Hotels Welcome Dogs!

dog in bedBrooklyn Bark, with the help of, has researched Dog Friendly Brooklyn hotels.

Yes, there are 15 properties that we found where guests are welcome to bring their pup.  Fourteen have an additional fee for bringing your dog, one doesn't.  Most important is that dogs are welcomed.

So, if you have friends coming for the holidays and they want to bring their pup or if contractors invade your home and you need to get away or if you just want to go for a night off with your best friend, Brooklyn is ready to help.

We found three chain hotels (a Sheraton and two Holiday Inns) and 12 private properties - apartments and townhouses, often with private yards.

Interestingly, all the properties we found are in five neighborhoods: Park Slope, Ft. Greene, Downtown, Clinton Hill and Bed-Stuy.

Here is a summary table of what we found.  Each property is hyperlinked to take you to the property's page on from where you can research further as well as click to the property website.  "+" means there is an additional charge for pup.  When you make your reservation, be sure to mention you are bringing your furry friend, especially important when booking at a private property.

Holiday Inn Express ($180+)                1-877-411-3436
Duplex Apartment ($250+)                   1-718-399-0696
1-BR Brownstone Apt. ($150+)             1-718-789-5571

Sheraton Brooklyn ($144 no surcharge) 1-877-411-3436
Brownstone w/garden ($125+)              1-347-351-7611
2-BR w/garden ($126+)                        phone n/a
1-BR w/garden ($125+)                        1-347-351-7611

Holiday Inn Express ($135+)                 1-877-411-3436

1-BR Brownstone ($66+)                       1-917-364-9912

Townhouse w/garden ($100+)               1-917-609-5060
Townhouse ($70+)                               1-718-314-3383
Loft ($66+)                                          1-917-364-9541
3-BR w/garden ($93+)                          1-917-364-9541
2-BR ($133+)                                       1-347-365-4721
2-BR ($83+)                                         1-718-373-2226


No need for friends to leave their pup home when they come for an extended visit; no need to board pup out when you have your kitchen remodeled or apartment rewired.  Brooklyn is one of the most Dog-Friendly spots on the planet and we have the hotels to prove it!


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