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A Modest Proposal from your Dog Walker and Cat Sitter

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What do you know about the Mayor's Aliance for NYC Animals? They have a mission that we Brooklyn Dog Walkers and Cat Sitters can believe in:  to make NYC no-kill by the year 2015.

If you like their mission (how can your not?) and have time or talent (you really don’t need both) you can become a vital part of the NY pet world:


“The Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals is committed to seeing the day when no New York City dog or cat of reasonable health and temperament is killed merely because he or she does not have a home.”


There are over 35,000 dogs and cats that enter the NYC animal rescue system each year.  So much is needed as the Alliance works toward saving each and every life possible


Do you like sharing joy?  Volunteer to help at an adoption event or to work with one of the 150 rescue organizations partnered with the Alliance.


Do you have skills - photography, art, graphics, web design, administrative?  Do you have legal or medical background?  Do you like to teach?  To organize events?  Would you like to sew cage comforters or collect used towels and blankets to make cages more comfy?


If you want to save lives, the Alliance will happily match you with a rescue  organization eager for your talents.  Go to their website to learn about volunteer opportunities and fill out an on-line application.  You will be welcomed with wagging tails, purrs and joy.

You will see the results of your work easily.  In the six years the Mayor’s Alliance has been in existence, the euthanasia rate in NYC has dropped by 70% for dogs and 60% for cats.

Pretty impressive work!  So if you have the time to give, you can become part of succeeding toward NYC’s goal of becoming a No-Kill City by 2015.


If you have time to “give back” the Alliance will welcome you gladly and you will become part of achieving one of the most ambitious urban animal goals in history, cheered on by wags, licks, snuggles and purrs.


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