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Brooklyn Bark Supports Adoption, Guest blog by Sarah Oren

Brooklyn Bark walks dogs from Park Slope, Williamsburg, Bed-Stuy, Ft. Greene, Clinton Hill, Navy Yard, Prospect Heights and South Park Slope.  We are proud to say that many of our dogs and cats have been adopted from rescue organizations.  Our friend and guest blogger, Sarah Oren, explains.

Dog for AdoptionSomewhere your perfect pet awaits you.  Before you go looking for him/her you should know about some general breed varieties and what responsible dog ownership entails. One piece of advice I will give to anyone looking for a dog is this: ADOPT.


Adopt.  Save a life, for no matter what age, breed or size you want, your ideal dog is out there.


Pet store puppies look adorable when playing in store windows.  Unfortunately, these are not the dogs you want.   A dog in a pet store was certainly whelped in a puppy mill.  A puppy mill is a factory-like facility where adult dogs are kept in cages for their entire lives, acting as breeding machines to birth puppies for profit. These dogs are often living in deplorable conditions, devoid of basic health care, exercise, grooming, cleanliness and even human contact.  The early life of the puppies in these often filthy cages where they are without human contact or opportunity to run and play, shapes them forever, and hardly for the good.


The stores will tell you, “These puppies all come from very responsible breeders; we would never buy from puppy mills!”   However, no responsible breeder would send puppies to a pet store. Going back to my original point, puppies and adult dogs alike can be adopted through rescue groups and animal shelters to support a much more humane cause! When adopting through a nonprofit rescue group, the dog’s adoption fee is relatively low ($50 – $500), their health care is covered, they are spayed/ neutered, and their personality has been evaluated.


I don’t always believe in the adage “you get what you pay for” … when paying $3,000 for a purebred puppy, is that puppy any better than that same dog adopted from a rescue group for $300? It is a matter of making an informed decision, and I have made it my life mission to spread the word about the amazing benefits of adoption. Shelter dogs often end up there because of life changes with their former owners: divorce, new baby, eviction, moving, etc…


When there are millions of animals euthanized in shelters every year, one every nine seconds,  consider adoption before going to a breeder. 


Whether you are looking for a Maltese puppy in Manhattan, or an adult Basset Hound in Boston, your adoptable dog is waiting for you. Do you need some extra guidance in your adoption journey?   Ask The Dog Matchmaker help you find your best dog match! For more information, visit or email


Article by Sarah Oren


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