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Canine Influenza Post from Your Brooklyn Dog Walker and Cat Sitter

Rachel Channel 12Our owner, Rachel Bowers, just sent this email.  Brooklyn Bark Dog Walkers urges you to review your pup's condition and lifestyle and consider a canine flu shot if you and your pup's vet think appropriate.
Hi everyone
Animal General (where I volunteer for wildlife rehab as well as take Radar for check up) sent me this email and thought you should be aware of it as well. 

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Begin forwarded message:

Animal General 

Dear Rachel,

Animal General has received many phone calls today regarding the Canine Influenza Virus and Vaccine that was highlighted on several news programs yesterday.

Animal General does take the Canine Influenza Virus seriously, as it can cause illness in our patients ranging from mild to severe (similar to Flu in people), however, the vaccination has not been proven to prevent Canine Influenza in vaccinated dogs.  Instead, the vaccine decreases the shedding of the virus and severity of the illness in dogs who contract the influenza virus.  Animal General's recommendation, therefore, is to consider each dog's risk to other dogs.  For instance, if you feel your dog has exposure to many other dogs, especially in closed quarters, you may consider the vaccination to decrease the spread within your local community.  The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) canine vaccination guidelines, published in 2011, does not recommend Canine Influenza Virus vaccination as a "core" vaccine for dogs.

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