Brooklyn Bark Talks

Amazing Photography of Amazing Dogs

Whenever we at Brooklyn Bark have the opportunity to work with James Morrissey ( we are amazed.

This past Wednesday evening, we were delighted as he "shot" the dogs who attended the doggie holiday party we co-hosted at the Avalon Ft. Greene.  Waiving his usual sitting fee, James helped us raise $200 for animal rehab which we split evenly between Sean Casey Animal Rescue and the Wild Bird Fund.

We walk the dogs.  James "shoots" them.  

RascalBasset HoundCute Mutt


Yellow lab pup2 dogs2 BulldogsDancing Poodle





James is the official photographer in the Green Room at the Westminster Dog show every February.  If you are not showing your pup at Westminster but would like James to do your pooch's portrait, know he is scheduled to be working with us at the Brooklyn Mutt Show in the Brooklyn Lyceum, March 24 & 25.

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