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Is Your Dog Fat?

Dog Obesity ChartWhen we people are overweight we face higher risk of heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, certain cancers and we are downright unattractive.

Well, same, same, same with dogs. 

They get pretty much the same obesity-related diseases we do.  But the good thing is they can't open the refrigerator; they can't take a snack out of the cupboard; they can't order pie a la mode for desert. 

The FAT equation is quite simple, the calories spent must exceed those taken in.  Unlike many of us, most dogs are more than willing to run more, play more, chase more.

And like most of us, just about every dog we know is willing to eat more.

With the amount of exercise a dog gets is often dependent on the owner's schedule and scheduled dog walks.   This means the calories spent are a constant.

So, alas, to help your dog maintain his "girlish figure" cutting his caloric intake has to be reduced to help him lose necessary weight.  This is not rocket science.  The difficulty is, of course, to convince your pooch.  But you must remain in control, looking away from those soulful, deserving looks.

Maybe, just maybe, your dog is right.  He doesn't need to lose weight.  That is what the chart above is all about. 

Look at your pup from above and from the side.  Does he look like a #1 or #2?  Too thin.  Feel free to indulge his begging.

Is pup a #4 or #5?  Oh, oh.....  Diet time.

A #3 is an ideal doggie figure.  Keep an eye on a #3 pup but enjoy indulging him.  In moderation.

If you want to talk to someone about your dog's figure, chat with your dog walker.  If you want to up your dog's exercise, make off leash hours or a visit to a local dog park part of your week.



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