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Dogs Eat the Strangest Things, Surgery Included

When our Welsh Corgi, Radar, ate a tennis ball he ended up in surgery.  Two years later, he bit off a piece of "safe" dog toy and ended up in surgery.  

This week one of our Barkers decided a TV remote was on her menu.


We thought we were unique, but it turns out there is serious competition.

Some of the more fascinating dining experiences we have found:


Match the X-ray with the Doggie Meal

Fish hook #1

A.  A Labrador puppy who liked 
to eat rocks hit the jackpot when
he ate his owner's engagement



B.  The owner of this pointer/
bloodhound caught him eating a
golf ball.  Presurgical x-ray
showed 9 golf balls & a bullet. 


C.  When eating roast duck, people
chew and swallow.  This Staforshire
terrier dined on a rubber ducky and
just swallowed.

 engagement ring#4

D.  10-y.o. husky stole a clean fork
from the counter.  Rather than give
it up, he swallowed it. 

 rubber ducky#5

E.   A spaniel raided his little girl's
doll house and ate a plastic spaniel.


F.   A fishhook.  Believe it or not, this
passed through a Shih tzu without
harm or surgery. 

 dish towel#7

G.   A 6-mo. Staffordshire terrier, 18"
tall and 18" long swallowed this 15"
serrated knife

 9 golf balls and a bullet#8

H.   When vets opened up a 2-y.o.
bulldog to remove a bottle cap
(top left), they also removed 15
pacifiers and a piece of basketball.

We doubt you need this:  1(F); 2(E); 3(D); 4(A); 5(C); 6(G); 7(H); 8(B)

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