Brooklyn Bark Talks

An Amazing Class that Can Save Your Pet's Life

PetTech logoI have "owned" a dog my entire life.  For a while I was owned by a cat, too.  As Bark Master at Brooklyn Bark, I interact a couple hundred pups and kitties as a wonderful part of my job.  

But I only knew the tip of the iceberg about keeping a pet, keeping a pet out of harm, able to deal with harm and extend his life, both quality and quantity.

For the past three days, Mary Oquendo and Beth Cristiano - Master Instructors from PetTech International, have been teaching and I've been working to absorb

  • Pet CPR/First Aid
  • Knowing and Maintaining Your Pet's Health
  • Emergency Preparedness for Pets
  • Dental Health
  • Senior Petizen
I am now PetTech's newest instructor, instructor #1540.
Watching my own instructors left me awe struck.  How facile they were with the knowledge and how much knowledge there was to learn.  And to present.  They truly taught me how to help pet owners give "the gift of life" to their pups and kitties when the chips are down.
I am looking forward to the Brooklyn Mutt Show and my opportunity to work with Dr. David Wohlstadter, board certified ER veterinarian, who will be helping me present this vital material at the two classes I will be teaching, one each on March 24 & 25.  
Beth and Mary teach all over the country.  Taste this video of their class and plan to join me and give your pet the greatest gift ever. 

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