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Do You Know Where We Guest Blogged?

IBark Master's Blogt is not our style to toot our own horn but sometimes ya just godda do it.

We have been asked to blog for the blogosphere's #2 dog blog,  (Ok is #1 and we are working on it.)  ExceptionalCanine is in the top 3% of all - yes ALL - blogs being read on the internet. 

Our first post appears today and we took the opportunity to blog about a subject near and dear to our hearts, environmental pet safety.  We were asked to write about spring cleaning for and around pup and we turned this into a wonderful opportunity to educate and inform readers of the long term harm of many cleaning products on health. 

Briefly, we were able to point out that there are both commercial environmentally safe cleaning products but also the vinegar or lemon juice in water standbys are good in many, many situations.  We also had an opportunity to have readers focus on the effect of their spring cleaning on their pup, both from a breathing point of view and that for some pups, disturbing their world can be psychological trauma.

So here we are on our soap box - no pun intended - suddenly your Brooklyn Dog Walker is being heard by not just you all, but by a whole lot of the dog world.  And since you asked, yes we are pretty proud.  Thank you.

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