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Save these Dogs

DingoThey are wild dogs of Australia, both hunted and endangered with formal breeding programs.  Like wolves in the American West, they are apex preditors, cunning and crafty, hunted to protect Australian sheep herds.  

There are now two breeding pair at Brooklyn's Prospect Park Zoo and they are stunning.

About the proportions of a small German shepherd, their fur is a brilliant mahogany red. All together too many people looking into their enclosure when we were there called them "foxes" (OK, we're in Brooklyn, aren't we?)

The dingo is unique to Australia (and the Prospect Park Zoo) believed to be decended from canines that accompanied the first humans to the Island Continent thousands of years ago. Living in the outback, they have developed unique features and instincts that distinguish them from other canines, but they can still cross-breed.  They have a venerated place with aboriginal peoples of Australia and they are easy to domesticate for use as working dogs or house pets, although this is illegal in many parts of Australia.

Dog lovers, go visit the Prospect Park Zoo.  If you think dingos are worth saving, let's start a movement with the AKC to have dingos become a breed catagory for the next Westminster Dog Show.                

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