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Most dogs who land in high-kill shelters in Georgia die.  Thor didn't die; he went to heaven.


Thor was  rescued from one of the many  high-kill “shelters” by Bark Master’s neighbor  who already had three dogs.  She placed him in a what she thought would be a wonderful home.  Two weeks later the family circumstances changed and they were forced to give him up.

Thor’s second home didn’t last either.  His rescuer was desperate and reached out to Brooklyn Bark.

So we took him in, fell in love with this
quintessential, sweet black Lab and within a few days, posted on BBTalks,  our website blog.

Within a few hours, six interested Barkers stepped forward.  Within a few hours after that, we were contacted by the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC Animals and a local pet supply store, Rocco and Jezebel in Brooklyn Heights, all offering to help this sweet boy.

This Lab was going to have a home!

We are thrilled to report that Thor will stay in the extended BBark family.   It wasn’t difficult to help Thor pick his new home the minute  Bark Master heard from one of our Barkers about his mom who lives on a lake near Kingston, NY.

For what are the two things a Labrador retriever needs more than anything else?  Love and water.


In his new home, Thor will have plenty of both.  

describe the image  Thor's new home


He will have a human mom who works from home and loves him to bits as well as “his own” lake with a dock less than 50 feet from his back door.


We need more happy stories like Thor’s!

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