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This Diamond is Tarnished, Tarnished by Salmonella

Diamond dog foodFirst the Associated Press, the Washington Post and the Chicago Tribune reported on April 26th, a recall of three of Diamond Brand Dog foods

  • Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul
  • Adult Light Formula
  • Natural Lamb Meal & Rice
Salmonella was found in each of these Diamond foods. Salmonella as in food poisoning.  Salmonella as first isolated as the cause of hog cholera in 1885 and named after the veterinarian who was head of the FDA at the time, Dr. Daniel Salmon.
Oh, did we mention that salmonella can be transferred from canines to humans?  It isn't very nice.  Did we mention that humans can contract Salmonella by handling the affected dog food?
So we are talking about a serious issue for our pups as well as for ourselves.
Not to put too fine a point on it, Salmonella poisoning can produce vomiting, diarrhea, septic shock and, yes, death.  Long term effects of Salmonella can include immune problems, arthritis, muscle & eye pain and urinary tract symptoms.
And now the Philadelphia Dawg reports a recall of Diamond's
  • Puppy formula dog food

PUPPY FORMULA?!?!  These little ones have still developing immune systems and are susceptible in spades!
Diamond.  Isn't that the company that made mold-contaminated dog food that killed dozens of dogs in 2005? (The answer is, "yes")
Now do you want to get really sick?  Go to the website
for pictures of a happy puppy romping through a field and a description of HAPPY. HEALTHY. NATURALLY.
Well, I guess the salmonella are happy.  And they are healthy.  And they are certainly natural. 
But beware.  Beware.  Beware.  Diamond is a dog's non-friend.

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