Brooklyn Bark Talks

PB&DS 2012 - What a Blast!

PBIt was a party like no other on earth....  50+ furry Barkers romping, chasing, playing, swimming, stopping for that occasional treat.  Their human Barkers were laughing, eating, throwing tennis balls, schmoozing and exaulting in the grand weather.

For many pups, raised and living in Brooklyn, this was the first time they met wide open spaces, a beach and a gentle river to swim in.  And they all acted as they were born for this moment of joy. 

The frizbees flew; the tennis balls were chased; and the ropes were tug-of-warred.  And the Hudson was doggie perfect for swimming, which they did with gusto!  There wasn't a pup who was ready to miss even a minute of joy.  Hicks on the beachWhat was more fun?  Chasing tennis balls?  Waves?  Each other?  For the humans the fun was in watching canine joy, eating great food, bonding with other Barkers in the sunshine and discovering great swag in their custom doggie bags - treats, samples, coupons, invitations.  But the best swag was provided by Chevrolet in the form of a Silverado, a Traverse and a Camaro convertible for our people Barkers to drive not only around the 560 gorgeous acres of Croton Point Park but to burn some rubber on Route 9.

Dogs on beachFocus for the people Barkers was provided by two informal, very informative seminars.  First James Morrissey, Westminster Dog Show green room photographer, instructed attendees on photographing pups (hint: lots of patience and interesting prespectives) and Anthony Newman, Calm Energy Dog Training, spoke about controling your dog by teaching him to relax.

No one had to teach our PB&DS dogs to relax after their romp.  They were "out for the count" after a day of "country play," snoring their ways home, REM sleep punctuated by sleep gentle running and woofing.

The pups replayed the day as they dreamt in the back seat; we can replay it with photographer, Sean Sullivan's px here.





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