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Tainted Chicken Jerky Treats - AGAIN!

Today's Smart Brief bulletin from the American Veterinary Medical Association reports 900 complaints about chicken jerky dog treats made in China.  They report that the implicated brands include:

Milo's Kitchen tainted chicken jerkey

 Milo's Kitchen

(owned by Del Monte)
 Waggin Train tainted chicken jerkey

 Waggin' Train

(owned by Nestle Purina)
 Canyon Creek tainted chicken jerkey

Canyon Creek

(also owned by Nestle Purina)

The FDA has sent scientists to China - primarily to JOC Great Wall Corp, Ltd of Nanjing, China where Waggin Train and Canyon Creek are produced.  No results have been reported yet.

Since November, the FDA has received an additional 900 complaints from owners and veterinarians that link China produced chicken treats - known variously as chicken jerkey srips, treats and nuggets - to illness and death, usually by kidney failure.  For details directly from the FDA on what they are doing and what consumers should do in event they inadvertantly fed their dog tainted jerky, check their updateCaution to Dog Owners About Chicken Jerkey Products.  You can also get background info in simple English from our blog back in February (when there were "only" 353 reported illnesses and deaths): Beware Tainted Chicken Jerkey.

There are so many fine doggie products on the market that we see no reason to feed pup anything that **might** be suspect.  We have long been waging war on the multinational food companies for the cheap and slovenly ways they often produce what they sell as dog food, but that's another, but related, subject.  This is even more poignant in light of the very recent salmonella contaminated dog food recalls.

Now you have the "thou shalt nots".  There are some companies whom "thou shalt".  A few of the cleanest and our favorites include:


are available in local pet stores (see finder) and through websites such as 

Zuke's Jerkey treats are good

Fresh Pet

Check their website's Store Locator or order with your groceries through Fresh Direct

 FreshPet Jerky is good

 Trader Joe's

Makes a good quality jerkey in the USA.  Their canned food is reasonably good; their kibble is full of fillers and chemicals.

 Trader Joe's chicken jerky is good

Charlee Bear

3-calorie dog treats of various flavors made from good stuff in the USA.  Check their store locator or  order on line through or other source.


 Charlie Bear Treats


Life has become much more complicated than the days where you opened the back door to let Fido in from his day of work and play and scraped the dinner scraps into his bowl.  Maybe we should rethink some of our modern "advances".

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