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Social Networking is for the Dogs

LouisAt Brooklyn Bark, our dog walkers and pet sitters "are there when you can't be." But what about when you can be with your pup and you'd like to share some fun?

One of the joys of being a dog is to play.  One of the joys of owning a dog is to watch your pup play.  Now, social networking has "gone to the dogs" and it is easy to set up a date for your pup to play.

Part "" and part "" NYC has a new social networking site, but this one is for dogs.

True, the pet parent still has to help with the keyboarding, but this is a site for pups to find their best furry friend or even their love interest.  Site founder, Michael Chiang, is proud pet dad to Louis, a really cute (are there any other kinds?) Maltese.  Big problem for Louis was all the big dogs at the dog park. He is just a little guy and was totally overwhelmed.

So Michael tried which has dog-interest groups, but the problem was that the profiles were about the people.  He was looking for other small dogs whose play style would be similar to Louis'.  He wanted to know about the dogs' personalities and even see a picture but none of that was available.

MatchPuppy logoThe entreprenurial bug bit and Michael started a website which would share information about the pup. was born.

Starting in lower Manhattan this past spring, the scope of the site has grown to cover all of NYC and as of this writing, it has 2,200 members just here in the City.  

How does it work? 

You join the site which is FREE.  You profile your pup and "like" the parks you frequent. You look to see if there is a meetup planned or you can plan one yourself. You can see photos and personality profiles of the pups attending as well as those who have liked the same park.

Now add tweeting and things can move with the speed of a pup chasing a tennis ball.

Of course, you can check out other parks in your area.  And once you get to your meet up, who knows whom you, the owner will meet - like minded pup owners who are out to help their pup have a good and safe time.

Michael has great plans for this site, both wide and deep.  He is looking to actually organize dog events in and around NYC as well as take the site to other major US cities.

Social networking for dogs is here.  And it looks great!  It was only a matter of time.

Download BBark's guide "Dog Friendly Brooklyn" profiling the 21 dog-friendly parks in Brooklyn, join MatchPuppy and have a ball!

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