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Brooklyn Dogs Go Camping

Camping can be a sweet escape from the urban life.  Dogs, owners and dog walkers can all benefit by touching nature.  Fortunately, most camp sites agree and welcome pups.

But before you go, you should verify that your furry Barker is, indeed welcome.  Preparation for your trip must include Phineas Kayakingmeeting pup's needs, too.  Aside from the bowl, blanket and food necessities you will need

  • Suntan lotion - anywhere your pup's fur is thin, especially around the snout, sunburn can happen.
  • Bug repellant - of course pup is on heartworm med, but he also needs Advantix or Frontline because of ticks and flees.
  • Tweezers - despite applying tick/flee preventer, ticks may attach.  Check pup thoroughly each evening and remove any of those nasty little ticks.  Yuk!
  • Swim vest - if you are going near water and know you have a swimmer, not necessary.  But many dogs don't even know the dog paddle, small and short legged dogs especially.  Pick up a doggie swim vest from PetSmart, Amazon or your local pet store before you go.
  • Antihistamine spray - if you have a dog with sensitive skin or a tendency for allergies, bring a soothing spray in case you notice a bunch of scratching going on.
  • First aid kit - cuts, splinters, upset tummies all happen to furry ones, too.
  • Phone number and location of nearest vet - also, 24 hr emergency vet if available.  Pup catches a bee that stings, eats a stick that shatters or surprises a porcupine.  And be sure to bring a copy of the records of your visit to give to your own vet.

These are all worst-case-scenarios and are unlikely to happen, unless, according to Murphy, you are unprepared.

Do not hesitate to take your pup camping.  It is a joy for her and she will open up a whole world that you would have never noticed if you had left her home.

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