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Make Your Dog a Brooklyn Cyclone Fan!

Anthony Newman, Calm Energy Dog TrainingBrooklyn Barkers - furry and human - have been invited to the August 22 Cyclones baseball game.  We are fortunate not only for this invitation, but for our wonderful business partner, Anthony Newman of Calm Energy Dog Training, giving us the following tips to make the evening totally terrific.

Thank you, Anthony!

Make Your Dog A Cyclone Fan!
by Calm Energy Dog Training

Plan on bringing your pup to watch some baseball? Remember, it’s a ballpark, not a dog park! Follow these key tips to keep him happy, healthy, and well-behaved at the game.

  1. Exercise first!
    Whenever Fido is going to ride in a car, wait in lines, or be in any constrained environment, it’s best to tire him out on a long walk just before. As the saying goes, a tired dog is a well-behaved dog! He’ll be calmer, happier, and easier to control.
  2.  Bring treats.
    Baseball games are a dog’s idea of heaven! Hot dogs galore, kids running, parents cheering, and a zillion other exciting smells, sights, and sounds. To keep Fido’s attention you have to make yourself more delicious than all of your surroundings! You can even microwave and bring little slices of hot dog so your pup won’t feel like he’s missing out. And remember, water counts as a treat in the New York summer heat! Make sure to bring several bottles and keep everyone in your pack hydrated.
  3. Stay in control.
    Don’t follow your dog - make sure he’s following you, physically AND mentally! From the moment you get out of your car, keep him on a loose leash by your side. Tell him what to do - dogs love assignments, they need a job. It keeps them calm. If pooch is spinning and pulling, have him sit; if he’s sitting, have him lie down; if he’s lying, give him a treat! Remember: Fido doesn’t run this show, you do!
  4. Socialize.
    What your pup is going want to do most is run up to and play with all the other fans - the two-legged ones as well as the four-legged. If you never let him meet and greet, he’ll only get more pent up; so let him release as much of that social curiosity as possible! Sniffing rears, in both directions (I’m talking about your dog here) is the respectful way to meet. If your pup is overexcited or aggressive, make sure you let his friends sniff him first - it will show them he’s no threat and keep them from reacting. Dogs, like humans, are social animals. The more the merrier!
  5. Keep it clean!
    As always, remember to clean up after your pooch. Accidents do happen, as they say! But when your dog does his doody, it’s time for you to do your duty! Be a good representative of dog owners everywhere and keep the park clean and beautiful for everyone else to enjoy

    Keep these tips in mind and enjoy the game. Your best friend certainly will!

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