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Brooklyn Dog Walkers LOVE Kong

Kong LogoMany a savvy dog owner has "entertained" his dog, hands free, with The Kong, a hollow, hard rubber red "thing" that can be filled with treats, cream cheese, Kong Stuff 'n Treats or peanut butter.  A single Kong can buy a half hour or more of happy doggie distraction. Kong company has developed a whole line of wonderful dog and cat toys, but the story of The Kong is the best.

The Kong

The Kong goes back to 1976 and a German Shepherd named Fritz who enjoyed chewing on stones.  His person, Joe Markham, tried to tempt him away from these teeth destroying stones by offering Fritz a variety of objects to chew.  Fritz was not interested.

What finally piqued Fritz's interest was a piece of rubber hose from Joe's VW van.  This was an odd looking toy, but Fritz loved it.

To keep Fritz interested in the rubber hose toy and away from the stones, Joe filled the hose with treats, with peanut butter, with cheese.  A company was born.

Now, the bright red Kong comes in 5 different sizes and is available in virtually any local pet store or can be ordered from Amazon or PetSmart, running from $5 to $27.  And do you want to stretch the time pup spends playing with The Kong?  Stick the unit filled with peanut butter or Stuff'N Dog Treats in the freezer before you give it to him.

But Kong does not rest on its famous red toy.  The company has developed full lines of toys for both dogs from Dental Bones to Genius Toys to Wubbas and for cats, Wubbas, cat braids and refillable catnip toys.

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Brooklyn Bark is there to care for your pup or kitty when you can't be.  Kong is there to help when even we can't.




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