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Celebrate with Us ~ a Decade of Trust & Joy (Clone)

Brooklyn_Bark_10_Year_Logo_StarburstWhere do we begin?  We are giddy with the joy of a 10- year-old as we enter our anniversary year.  Brooklyn Bark ~ a decade of trust; a decade of community; a decade of innovation; a decade of joy; a decade of service; a decade of foundation for growth of the company we and so many Barkers and friends love.

For our Barkers, let's take a minute to be proud of being part of the company that innovates.  We may be 10 but we have lots of firsts here in Brooklyn. 

  1. First to have online booking
     Can you remember the days you left a note, called or sent an email to make an appointment for a dog walk?  
  2. First with GPS walker tracking
    Yes, 10 years ago some "walkers" notoriously took the dog to the curb but never walked, or worse, never even took your dog out of the apartment.  How did you know?
  3. First with electronic notes & photos after each walk or care event
     Don't you love getting a note about your fur baby's adventures, especially when accompanied by a photo?  Better even than taking a coffee break
  4. First to require all staff members to be pet CPR/first aid certifiedCPR_Barklay-1
    We take your trust seriously in good times and when challenged
  5. First to have an in-house pet CPR/first aid instructor
    How better to be sure everyone on staff is up-top-date?
  6. First to offer pet CPR/first aid instruction to their clients and to the public
    We know what to do for your pet in an emergency and we want you to know too
  7. First to require Care Associates to use safety collars on all walks
    Brooklyn Bark has developed and enforces this and other procedures to always keep your pet safe when they are with us
  8. First (and only) to serve on Mayor's Alliance Task force for NYC Animals
    Task Force brings together governmental agencies, 501(c)3's and us to work toward improving the pet experience in New York
  9. First to make a commitment to animal rescue part of our mission statement
     To improve the lives of our pet and human clients as well as domestic animals in Brooklyn NY.
  10. First (and only) to partner with Sean Casey Animal Rescue to fulfill community give-back
    We have raised over $50,000 for SCAR in the past 10 years


Where do we go from here?  With this foundation, the sky is the limit.  This year we have

  • social media contestsBarklay-with_Frizbee
  • events
  • fundraisers and
  • special deals

all in the hopper.  So if you are a Barker, hold on to your leash or your bag of kitty litter as you join us.  If you are not yet a Barker, what are you waiting for?


If you would like to have walks from our wonderful and certified Care Associates, click on Barkley below.

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