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Dogs, Music and Photography: Dog Walking in South Slope with Jake Smisloff

Jake_and_Ollie_Meet_the_Team_photoJake Smisloff is our dog walker in the South Slope and Flatbush areas.  When he's not busy walking dogs, Jake is playing with his band Pop & Obachan, working on the band's full-length album, playing guitar with August West, and working as a freelance photographer for Paste magazine.  He also volunteers at the non-profit community Gowanus Darkroom.   This talented, passionate musician and photographer loves working at Brooklyn Bark because:  "I prefer to be surrounded by dogs instead of people all day!"   One of his favorites is a Great Dane named Buttercup; every time he sits Buttercupon a bench to tie his shoelace, the giant dog tries to sit on his lap!


He loves walking dogs in the South Slope and Flatbush areas because of all the dog lovers who admire his charges.  The dogs love it because of that little bit of doggie delight, Prospect Park.  While walking with the Olliedogs, Jake is usually listening to music or a podcast.   Within the next five years, this music lover would like to be a musician who is touring full-time along with a dog or two.  The first dog invited to go touring with this musician would be Oliver.   Jake describes Oliver as his favorite out of all the pets he's ever had.


Oh - and the most unusual thing about this creative young man?  He has a kidney shaped like a horseshoe!

Contact us today to arrange to have Jake or one of our other talented dog walkers take your best friend for a walking tour of your particular neighborhood.

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