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Emily Drum: A Dog Walker for All Neighborhoods

Emily_and_Princess_Leia.pngAble to serve all of Brooklyn Bark's neighborhoods, Emily Drum is a Dog-Walker-to-All!  This travel-loving southern gal will happily explore your neighborhoods with your furry family members in tow.


You might have read seasoned editor and writer Emily's handiwork on countless book jacket covers for national and international bestsellers.  Her passion for writing has since segued into another passion of hers—nutrition and wellness.  Certified in 2011 as a holistic health counselor, Emily has recently turned her attention to getting a graduate degree in public health nutrition.  But don't be fooled into thinking that Emily is just a bookworm; she is also a capoeira aficionado.  Combining music, dance, and acrobatics, this Brazilian martial art isn't for the weak.  Training in capoeira since 2008, Emily has developed the strength and discipline needed to handle whatever comes her way—including being pulled by large dogs. 


Having grown up with her own furry sibling, a lab/cocker spaniel mix named Leia_W.jpgLiberty, Emily has experienced first-hand the love and absolute devotion that animals offer.  She also finds humor in her interactions with her Brooklyn Bark clients.  One of her personal favorites, Princess Leia, has a penchant for a certain wine store and wants to stop at it for treats during walks.  Emily wittily declares "Of course, for awhile, I didn't realize that was why she was so insistent on going there and wondered if we needed to sit down and have a talk about her partying."


As Dog-Walker-to-All, Emily has the joy of backing up our staff when someone needs a day off or a bit of vacation time.  As a result, she knows almost all our regular Barkers dogs and a good number of Barker cats.  When we spoke to her, she was hard pressed to chose her favorites so she closed her eyes and let a few come to her mind.


Ruby_M.jpgRuby is one foxy little lady, always up for some girl time.  Like Emily, she’s a bit shy at first, but this sweetie is so curious about other dogs that she’s not about to let her introverted nature hold her back from making new playmates!  She clearly has her own inner Sasha Fierce—and an equally fabulous wardrobe.



Henry’s version of “blue steel” for the camera is always “sad Henry_V.jpgpuppy dog eyes,” even though he’s the happiest, friendliest guy! This handsome little dude always looks runway-ready in his adorable red plaid cape!  Don’t let his short legs fool you—he’s a tiny trooper who is always up for an adventure.  He also gives the best high fives.



Lola really speaks to the homebody in Emily — some days she just doesn't want to leave the house!  But this babydoll has a secret punk rock side — she cracks Emily up in her irresistibly cute skull-and-crossbones sweater.  Emily loves giving her a Greenie after a walk and watching her proudly carry it off to her bed to indulge because Lola knows what it means to “treat yo’self!”


Britta came over to Emily's house for a girls’ day recently.  They took full advantage of Prospect Park, where this big fluff ball of puppy energy helped Emily hone her appreciation for SQUIRRELS(!!!) and BIRDS(!!).  They both came home from their epic adventure and took epic naps.  Clearly, Britta and Emily are together on the same wavelength.



Though Batu is technically a cat, he's really a big ol' love bug.  Visits with him are guaranteed to involve snuggles.  He gives excellent foot rubs with his head and really knows how to make Emily feel needed (butt scratches, obviously.)

Ramius is the perfect companion for a brisk morning stroll in Fort Greene Park.  This playful big guy is always eager to make friends, and he’s the most loyal pal to his smallest buddies.  He knows exactly where his besties live and heads straight in their direction as soon as he leaves the house.

2016.09.18_Rosie.jpgRosie is a little ray of sunshine!  This cutie has so much pep in her step and an endearing sassy streak.  She does a ritual happy dance to celebrate Emily's arrival and then patiently sits with her head down, waiting to get leashed up - a totally sweet helper!


Aries is proof that age doesn't have to slow you down. This affectionate guy is so Aries_Trotter.jpgexcited for every walk — and loves to play with his tennis ball.  He has a fun relationship with a doorman in his building, who is always ready with a treat. Actually, Aries may be the only (fur) person in the world who likes treats more than Emily does.


If you and your kitty or pup would like care at Emily's outstanding level, click here concact us!

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