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Mariya Mego Vela: Extraordinary Dog Walker in East Williamsburg

Mariya.pngMeet our extraordinary dog walker in East Williamsburg, Mariya Mego Vela!  Mariya loves animals so much, she would like to turn into a panther; either that or live somewhere between the ocean and the mountains with her partner and at least three dogs.


Besides animals, her other passions lie with movies, social issues, camping, hiking, travel, and rocks. Yes, that's right - rocks!She was once well on her way to becoming a geological expert on fossilized foraminifera from the Cretaceous period - specifically in the Western Interior Basin.


There's so much construction work going on in the area she covers, East Williamsburg, that it's a bit like a geological dig. In fact, she jokes that all of the construction work going on is what makes this neighborhood so special.  It is an up and coming neighborhood; she appreciates the juxtaposition of the cute residences and interesting little shops.  The dogs she walks appreciate Cooper Park - it's definitely a favorite among the 4-legged set!


Mariya loves how walking dogs gives her the opportunity to learn: she's Iris.jpglearning about the geography of her assigned area, the personalities of the pups she's walking, and "how all sorts of locks work"!  What else does she think about while walking?  She thinks a lot about food and how the dogs interact with their people.


Mariya is passionate that she walks "the absolute BEST dogs in Brooklyn."  We asked her to pick a favorite and she smiled shyly and replied, "All."  One that she picked to talk about is Iris.  Mariya loves how Iris tosses her favorite, raggedy porcupine toy in the air to celebrate her upcoming walk.  She also thinks that Louie is an old world gentelman in disguise.  And who showers her with kisses?  That would be the Corgi, Sancho Panza.  And she loves Cara who is always ready for a walk, but only if the weather is perfect.  And Elsa who is ready always, always. 

Then she talks about her two sets of "twins", Jordie & Jack and Casanova & Lulu


Oh, wait, wait!  There's the bunnies, Molly & Jasper.  Mariya's heart sings when they show up on her schedule.  She can't believe she is actually paid to care for and play with bunnies.


There is so much love in Mariya's heart that she cannot choose just one.


If you would like your favorite dog to look forward to walks as much as Iris does, concact us!.

casanova.jpg Sancho.jpg Louie_1.jpg
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