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Nick Waldorf: Ready for Late Night TV as He Walks Dogs in Park Slope

nickNick Waldorf keeps his wits about him - so well, in fact, that the notes he writes of his daily experiences walking their dogs are the highlight of the pet owners' day.   Barkers have even been known to pass his notes around their offices so everyone can enjoy a good chuckle.   As examples of Nick's wit, consider his descriptions of some of the dogs he walks and what he thinks about while doing so:



Stewie Jablonski"Stewie Jablonski will sometimes look up if someone says “Stewie” outside, but he’ll ALWAYS look up if they say “Awwww.”


"Sophie Risdon sometimes likes to do an impression of a coffee table in the middleSophie Risdon of the walk, but if I do an impression of a coat rack she’ll snap out of it."


Watson Hammonds"Watson Hammonds always tries to go into certain stores when we walk by them.  With me it has been the hardware store, the comic book shop, & in a previous neighborhood it was the sex shop.  I have concluded that he is actually a 13-year-old boy in a bear suit."


"When you spend 10 minutes looking for the best spot to poop, then 2 minutes turning in circles, do you think I’m being a jerk when I pick it up?  Is all that hard work just down the toilet, metaphorically speaking?"


That last bit comes straight from the mind of someone who would like to spend some quality time alternately cuddling on the couch with animals and giving them personality tests in order to come up with answers as to why they do the Alfred Pringle(sometimes silly) things they do.  That's because one of his passions lies in the realm of cognitive science.  Remember his musings on what dogs think about his doggie "doody"?   Well, Nick has some other questions he'd like answered by his furry besties, like why do dogs eat sticks and why do cats cry like they're on the verge of starvation when they've just eaten half their dinner and the other half is staring them in the face? 


Nick also has another passion - music. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Music Engineering from the University of Miami but has decided he never again wants his degree to come between him and his enjoyment of music.  He still has his engineering gadgets and enjoys using them but now it's just for the joy of creating "weird sounds." 


One of the most surprising things about Nick is that he was "absurdly allergic" to animal fur as a child.  His severe allergy involved rashes, watering eyes, and breathing difficulties but none of that kept him from trying to cuddle every animal that crossed his path!  As he puts it: "I was perpetually happily miserable."  When his allergies finally subsided, his family celebrated by adding three pets to the household: Raymond the cat, Leonard the lab/chow mix, and Sophie the pointer/spaniel mix.  Nick has fond memories of Raymond eating bananas, Leonard leaping straight onto the top bunk, and Sophie wagging her tail so hard that both ends pointed at him at the same time!  He still hasn't grown out of his desire to hug every animal in sight - if he could be an animal he would be a "land octopus" so he could properly hug all of his four-legged friends!


Nick and his charges fit right into the Park Slope neighborhood; it's packed with pet lovers who set out bowls of water and hand out treats to everyone; Nick says there are friendly, pet-loving people everywhere in the area. Add to that Prospect Park, a dog beach, and beautiful scenery, and what's not to love?


Nick had plenty of experience when he joined Brooklyn Bark: eight years as a      Sancho Lazopart-time dog walker/pet sitter for friends and a previous job for another dog walking service.  Unfortunately for them, that job entailed too much commuting that cut into the time Nick could spend walking with his tail-wagging best buddies.  We're very happy that this talented and experienced young man chose to join our award-winning team.  Contact us to see how you, too, can enjoy Nick's superb care of your pets along with his witty commentaries.


We'll leave you with one final quote from Nick: "If I’ve said something insightful or clever, or made a major life decision, it was most likely cooked up while parleying with a dog."



 Sophie and Sancho
 Sierra  Stewie Jablonski
 Sophie being bathed  Dover  Floyd and Nick Rover Sanchez 
 Sarge  Rocky and Nick  Olive and Kenga  Mollie
 Kenga Roo Reus JJ   Sancho and Jasper  Jasper 
 Jack  Darwin  Bambino and Meatloaf Ichi 
 Stewie helping  Diego  Angus  

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