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Our Philosophical Dog Walker in Clinton Hill: Joe Lazarz

Joe LazarzJoe Lazarz walks dogs in Clinton Hill and thinks some deep thoughts while doing so: "Life, of course.  Personal growth is always a topic in my mind.  I daydream about how I can do more, how I can utilize the things in life that get me fired up to help other people."  He believes in building relationships on empathy, understanding and trust.  He also appreciates it when people recognize his talents and he loves to "recognize and appreciate theirs."  


When asked what kind of animal he would like to become, Joe said: "I can imagine being a dolphin, playing all day and to our best knowledge, leading emotional lives in a setting which is totally alien to humans."  He is also fascinated by the sheer spatial aspect of being an animal: seeing the world from the viewpoint of a bug on the ceiling or experiencing the ocean the way a dolphin Bunker_DeMazzawould; learning to move in a way that is totally foreign to what we know.  


As far as the dogs he walks, Joe adores each one's uniqueness and sense of identity.  He loves how they've developed friendships and know where each other lives.  It also amuses him that they like to carry sticks with them on their walks!  Joe has also noticed something funny about his interaction with them: he always calls the three males he walks in the early afternoon "guys" and the three females he walks in the late afternoon "ladies".  He really appreciates all of the dog lovers in Clinton Hill and enjoys seeing them smile at his pack of stick-carrying hounds.


Another_Joe_CatDespite his Bachelor of Science in Business Management with an emphasis on marketing, Joe says: "I try to not to plan out toooo much, gotta live in the moment." This passionate music lover would love to open a coffee shop with records in the back sometime within the next five years: "... a place where people can find music and discuss it with people over a cup of coffee."  He relishes the incredible way in which music and dance allow people to gather in celebration of life and wants to be a part of that process.


And that's what makes Joe Lazarz Brookly Bark's "Philosophical Dog Walker" in Clinton Hill.  If you would like your best friend to make some new friends, concact us! We'd be glad to help!


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