Brooklyn Bark Talks

Handsome: Happy Ending / Happy Beginning

He should be called "Midas."  Our sweet pit bull, Handsome now has a home in upstate New York with two Rottweiler "sibs", happy human parents and a large fenced in yard that abuts Harriman State Park.

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A Love Story

There is a "package of love" waiting for someone who wants Valentines Day to be all year. 

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K9*5K Carnival on Coney Island to Help Pet Rescue

On September 29th you can catch the first nip of fall on Coney Island while helping Posh Pets at their 3rd Annual K9*5K Boardwalk Carnival.

If you and pup like to run, show up at 9 am for the race. 
If you prefer to walk, 10 am for the walk. 
Zumba your thing?  10 am. If you like to play, you can play all day.

Bring pup for a day of fun.  Meet at Coney Island’s Parachute Jump.  There is free metered parking at Surf Avenue & West 15th Street.

Posh Pets, sponsor of the Carnival is a pet rescue based in  South Brooklyn.  They provide medical care, rehabilitation and placement of homeless animals, many of whom are rescued at the very last moment from euthanasia at the City shelters.

They are a 501(c)3 and associated with the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC Pets as an APO (Alliance Participating Organization).  Last calendar year alone they were responsible for the adoption of over 600 dogs and cats.

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Badass Brooklyn is Shelter of the Month

Project Blue Collar is an organization devoted to improving the perception of shelter dogs.  They exist to encourage adoption as the first option.

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Pablo Come Home

This is the note from owner Michael Silverstone:

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Brooklyn Bark Dog Walkers Salute a Happy Tail

Any dog, cat, rabbit or turtle who is adopted out of a shelter and into a family is a Lucky Dog, for over half the animals leave their shelter by death, often a gruesome death.

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One Nation Under Dog - the Documentary

Last night I came home and hugged and hugged and hugged Remy, my rescue German shepherd.  She probably wondered what was going on - but didn't mind - for our usual greeting is some pats, maybe a belly rub and sometimes a treat.  I fought back tears as I hugged her. Brooklyn Bark had been guests of HBO at a screening of their upcoming documentary about the life of dogs in America.

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Lost Terrier/Schnauzer Mix

Brooklyn Bark dog walkers are reaching out to help one of our fellow dog walkers.  

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The Blog that was Heard Around the World

Most dogs who land in high-kill shelters in Georgia die.  Thor didn't die; he went to heaven.

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Save these Dogs

They are wild dogs of Australia, both hunted and endangered with formal breeding programs.  Like wolves in the American West, they are apex preditors, cunning and crafty, hunted to protect Australian sheep herds.  

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