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Sleep tight; Don’t Let the Bedbugs…


Or:   How I met April, the Sniffer Dog

My husband and I had a wonderful time in Miami. We visited relatives and stayed at a luxurious B’n’B that didn’t want for anything.   We couldn’t have been happier. That is until two or three days after we came back to New York and started itching like crazy. Big red welts. And that meant a visit to Urgent Care.


The nurse practitioner was lovely. “See those bites in threes, triangles or a string of, uhhhum, pearls? We call that ‘breakfast, lunch and dinner and you brought bedbugs home from your time in Miami Beach.”


And that’s how I quickly became an expert on Sniffer Dogs. I learned they go to school for 6 months and their handlers for a month. To achieve WDDO certification (World Detector Dog Organization) a canine/handler team must pass a double blind scent 

detection examination in their field and must stay current with regular training. Curiously, April was selected from a high-kill shelter in the South because of her excellent sc

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