Brooklyn Bark Talks

Kids, Spread Kindness to Scared Pups & Kitties

You’ve been living on the streets, dodging humans and loud noises. Or you’ve been abused. Or you were brought into ACC (Animal Care and Control) by the family you lived with and loved and you have no idea why they left you here in this st\range place.

But however you got to your 2’ x 4’ cage you are terrified. You can’t run. You can’t hide. There is no one to assure you, play with or love you.


What often goes through the mind of a pup or a kitty brought into ACC must be one word, “Terror”. No matter how wonderful the staff and the volunteers at the shelters are, it’s a new, unfamiliar, scary and enclosed space for any new resident.


But there is a wonderful way we people, especially, young people can help. And our help means so much. Not only can we comfort a shy, scared furry one but a happy pup or kitty is a much better candidate for adoption.

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