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Brooklyn Bark's Herding Pussycats Awards

On the front page of today's New York Times, there is a piece about Cat Agility Training and Competition.  It is called "The Next Best Thing to Herding Cats."  Well, trying to train your cat for competition (for almost anything) might be the close to herding cats.  At Brooklyn Bark, we actually do herd cats.  The International Cat Association and the Cat Fancier's Association give awards for the next best thing to herding, we decided to give awards to cats we have actually herded.

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Salute to our Zoos from Your Brooklyn Dog Walker and Cat Sitter

In the animal community we always think of people helping furry, feathered and scaled ones.  The Wildlife Conservation Society, which is the parent organization of New Yorks City's four zoos and aquarium, has turned the tables by collecting non-perishable people food and unwrapped toys for distribution by City Harvest.

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Brooklyn Hotels Welcome Dogs!

Brooklyn Bark, with the help of, has researched Dog Friendly Brooklyn hotels.

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Dog Walkers Preview TV Commercial for Dogs

At Brooklyn Bark the reaction was, "No!  Don't tell us it's a TV commercial aimed at dogs.  Dogs don't make purchase decisions."  We had been sent a link to preview the new Purina commercial that parent company, Zurich based Nestles, is planning to air in Germany.

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Brooklyn Dog Walkers LOVE Kong

Many a savvy dog owner has "entertained" his dog, hands free, with The Kong, a hollow, hard rubber red "thing" that can be filled with treats, cream cheese, Kong Stuff 'n Treats or peanut butter.  A single Kong can buy a half hour or more of happy doggie distraction. Kong company has developed a whole line of wonderful dog and cat toys, but the story of The Kong is the best.

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