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Walk Your Dog Into Some Pet-Friendly Park Slope Shops


Brooklyn Bark has a wonderful team of dog walkers in Park Slope.  They watch their Barkers closely but also look around for ideas to share with the human Barkers.   They've been happily making a list of some of the pet friendly shops in the 'hood and we share it here.


If you have any additions, please let us know.  Walking into a pet-friendly shop can be the highlight of any walk for you and pup both. 


Check out Annie's Blue Ribbon General Store at 232 Fifth Avenue. The owner, Ann Cantrel, offers modern and fun items in her bright and cheery shop. Dogs are warmly welcomed here! Your pet will be thrilled if you pick up a new heavy-duty dog toy or a scrumptious can of beef bourguignon dog treats while you shop.


Need to pick up a prescription? Stop by The

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Emily Drum: A Dog Walker for All Neighborhoods

Able to serve all of Brooklyn Bark's neighborhoods, Emily Drum is a Dog-Walker-to-All!  This travel-loving southern gal will happily explore your neighborhoods with your furry family members in tow.


You might have read seasoned editor and writer Emily's handiwork on countless book jacket covers for national and international bestsellers.  Her passion for writing has since segued into another passion

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Viki Vayner:  Expert Dog Walker in Downtown Brooklyn and Ft. Greene

Viki Vayner is our dog walking expert in the area between downtown Brooklyn and Fort Greene.


An all-American girl, Viki came to the US with her parents at the age of 9 from her native Uzbekistan and couldn’t be happier that she did.   That explains her work as a translator at the Russian American Foundation and the National Security Language Initiative for Youth.


Now Viki is an occupational therapy student, passionate about behavioral psychology.  In fact, she likes to practice her training techniques on her 4-legged best friend Ji-li.  About Ji-li, she says that "she was there for me thro

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Barking at the Cue: BBark Bark-B-cue 2015

We came. We barked. We barbecued. We left no tennis ball unthrown. 

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Support the ASPCA with Brooklyn Bark

This is a note from Jessica Remitz, proud mom of Darwin.  Darwin is one of the sweetest dogs BBark walks.  Let's help Jessica say "Thank You" to the ASPCA for all their wonderful work.

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Badass Brooklyn is Shelter of the Month

Project Blue Collar is an organization devoted to improving the perception of shelter dogs.  They exist to encourage adoption as the first option.

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A Towel and Some Gel Make Pup a Happy Snow Dog

Looks like the last snowstorm of winter is raging out there in Brooklyn.  Some dogs love the snow; others are checking to book a flight south.

Love it or leave it, our dogs and we have to deal with it.  Here are some tips from Brooklyn Bark dog walkers for safety through the snow.

(note: for fun in the snow with you pup check out Being a Dog in Winter in Brooklyn)


New York City - and most municipalities - use the least expensive snow melter they can buy (remember "lowest bid" and "fewer taxes for the rich"?).  This is generally calcium chloride.  Calcium chloride is caustic - caustic to pavement, caustic to cars and caustic to doggie paws as it does what it is supposed to, suck moisture out of anything in its vicinity.  For doggie paws, this can be seriously painful.
We humans wear protective foot gear. Few dogs tolerate booties, but you can try.
Part two of BEWARE OF SALT is applicable to all dogs who play in the snow but especially the little ones whose tummy's are easy magnets for that calcium chloride.  As soon as you come home, be sure to towel off your furry one so that a bad tummy won't accompany his next round of self-grooming


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Social Networking is for the Dogs

At Brooklyn Bark, our dog walkers and pet sitters "are there when you can't be." But what about when you can be with your pup and you'd like to share some fun?

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PB&DS 2012 - What a Blast!

It was a party like no other on earth....  50+ furry Barkers romping, chasing, playing, swimming, stopping for that occasional treat.  Their human Barkers were laughing, eating, throwing tennis balls, schmoozing and exaulting in the grand weather.

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Lost Terrier/Schnauzer Mix

Brooklyn Bark dog walkers are reaching out to help one of our fellow dog walkers.  

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