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Giardia - Puddle Trouble: Water Better Left Un-lapped

Meet, Starbuck, an all-star on BBark's roster, on any Brooklyn dog walking company's roster. This pup can sniff out a discarded chicken bone about a block away in Downtown Brooklyn. And while Starbuck's precision-guided schnozz is quite impressive, it can --and has-- led him into some iffy scenarios of "insert in mouth first, ask questions later."

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Did Someone Say Tea Party? ... and this one is to de-stress pup

Anxiety.  It's not just for humans.

As Brooklyn dog walkers, we see a lot of canine stress.  Crowds, buses, fire trucks, ambulances... it is not in a pup's DNA.

One of our absolute fave pups, Alva, a two-year-old rescue, has a tendency to get a little anxious here in the big city.  OK, let's be real...she can get very anxious.   For sure, the noise, people, and general boisterous excitement that comes along with living and walking in downtown Brooklyn can be a bit much for even the calmest of canines.  But, for rescues who may have had a particularly traumatizing puphood, the hubub can be downright dreadful at times!  That's our girl Alva.


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Beware of Tainted Chicken Jerky Treats

Too, too regularly we read of FDA reports that dried chicken treats produced in China are causing sickness and even death in pups who eat them.  Today, msnbc reported:

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Broadway Talent Helps Dog Rescue.... and you can, too!

One of our favorite pet rescue organizations is Waggin' Train Rescue.  We just received this email with one of the most creative fundraisers we've seen.   Win a unique holiday gift for someone wonderful, maybe for yourself.
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