Brooklyn Bark Talks

Brooklyn Dogs, It's Party Time!

On October 29th Brooklyn dogs, their people and friends will have their annual party time at PUPkin in Ft. Greene Park.  Partying starts at 11:30.

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Dog Walkers Warn: Watch out for Giardia Canis

We have been blessed with a proliferation of puppies at Brooklyn Bark.  Puppies are known for eating everything and drinking from puddles... as do many adult dogs.

Puddles and damp areas in NY are often swarming with Giardia, a protozoa that loves to colonize the intestines of dogs and also cats.

Once thought a disease of the third world Giardia has proliferated in NYC.  Puddles, wet leaves, improperly cleaned up poop all provide breeding ground for this single celled scurge.

When Giardia set up housekeeping in pup’s innards you will know:  tummy aches and diarrhea make the announcement.  Pup doesn't isn't too happy, either.

In an adult dog with a healthy immune system, this bout of nastiness is usually self-limiting, but in pups and senior dogs your vet might want to prescribe a course of antibiotics.

The best approach to Giardia is prevention.  Don’t let pup drink from puddles, play in damp leaves or investigate poop.   The second approach is that if pup’s diarrhea and discomfort last more than a couple of days, time to visit your vet.

Humans are also susceptible to Giardia, but scientists disagree if it is Giardia Canis or a different strain that infects humans.   Just in case, be extra careful when you scoop that poop.

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Dog Walkers Preview TV Commercial for Dogs

At Brooklyn Bark the reaction was, "No!  Don't tell us it's a TV commercial aimed at dogs.  Dogs don't make purchase decisions."  We had been sent a link to preview the new Purina commercial that parent company, Zurich based Nestles, is planning to air in Germany.

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Brooklyn Dogs Want to Travel

Every time we dog walk we are reminded:  pups love new experiences, home or away.

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Brooklyn Dog Walkers LOVE Kong

Many a savvy dog owner has "entertained" his dog, hands free, with The Kong, a hollow, hard rubber red "thing" that can be filled with treats, cream cheese, Kong Stuff 'n Treats or peanut butter.  A single Kong can buy a half hour or more of happy doggie distraction. Kong company has developed a whole line of wonderful dog and cat toys, but the story of The Kong is the best.

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Brooklyn Dogs from Bergan Beach to Attend "Bark in the Park"

This is a guest article by Stella Blanca Panzarino of the Bergan Beach Barkers.  We dedicate it to all Brooklyn Dogs and their dog walkers, peeps or prof.

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It's Brooklyn Cyclones "Dog Day"!

Brooklyn Dogs, their people and their dog walkers are gearing up for one of summer's highlights - Bark in the Park.  We hope they are as excited as we are.

At Brooklyn Bark we love making pups and their people happy - by the way, kitties, too but we don't expect many cats coming out for the game.

So, what have we done to make the night a success?

Brooklyn Bark has created four types of fun for pups and their owners.

  1.   Doggie Bags.  Unlike the restaurant leftovers that you bring home to turn green in the back of your fridge, both the bags and the contents are useful for pup and for you.  We have stuffed them with treats, frizbees, high quality sample products and lots of discount coupons.  These are all in a non-woven tote owners can reuse and reuse.

  2. Tennis balls.  Lots and lots of tennis balls for pup to proudly take home.

  3. &          Raffle.  More doggie products.  Baskets of great toys and treats from Kong and Zukes plus gift certificates for dog training and for people eating.

  4.   &     Emergency envelope.  Wallet card with poison control contact and 24-hr. Brooklyn vet info.  Door sticker alerting first responders that furry ones are abiding (and might be hiding) inside.

Come by our booth to pick up goodies for pup and you.  We'll be in the picnic area. Very easy to find.  Just let pup's nose lead you to where your dinner is being grilled.

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Brooklyn Bark "Doggie Bags" for the Bark in the Park

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TD Bank Supports Bark in the Park

Have you ever been in a TD Bank "Wow Zone"?  Well, on August 22, "America's Most Convenient Bank" will create the "Bow-Wow Zone" at Bark in the Park. Attendees will be showered with SWAG including doggie bandannas and there will be dog treats galore.

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Bark in the Park

We have a guest blog and invitation from Billy Harner, the webmaster of the Brooklyn Cyclones.  

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