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Treat Your Pet for the Holidays... two easy recipes from Brooklyn Bark

Holiday season is here.  It is here for all Barkers, human and furry. 

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A Love Story

There is a "package of love" waiting for someone who wants Valentines Day to be all year. 

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Badass Brooklyn is Shelter of the Month

Project Blue Collar is an organization devoted to improving the perception of shelter dogs.  They exist to encourage adoption as the first option.

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Being a Dog in Brooklyn in Winter

Some of us are Malamutes, Newfies or Mountain Dogs.  We come alive when the thermometer dips.   Others, bundle up and make the best of the wait for spring.

Either way, Brooklyn has some great spots to be a dog in winter, especially during off leash hours.

The rolling hills of the County of Kings make for excellent sledding.  We know pups who love to slide down a hill after a tennis ball, sharing a sled with a person or snowplow through a pile of the white stuff.

Here are some of our favorite Hills of Brooklyn where you and pup can have a blast:

Ft. Greene Park, Ft. Greene - Myrtle Ave &  Dekalb between Washington Park and St. Edwards St.  ( 11205, 11201)

Hillside Park, Columbia Hts. - Hicks St between Middagh & Vine.  ( 11201)

Prospect Park, Prospect Heights, Park Slope, Windsor Terrace - Prospect Pk W, Parkside  Ave., Flatbush, Ocean Aves, Prospect Park SW ( 11215)

Lincoln Terrace Park, Crown Heights - Eastern Pkwy., E New York Ave. bet Rochester Ave. & Portal St.  ( 11213, 11233)

Sunset Park in Sunset Park - 41 St., 44 St., bet, 5 Ave. and 7 Ave.  ( 11232)

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For the Love of a Bargain:

Is there anything more fun than finding something to spoil your pup with?  Yes!  Finding it at a discount.

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How to Successfully Inject Your Pet, tips from a Brooklyn Dog Walker

Rachel, founder and owner of Brooklyn Bark, wrote the following email to a client who was having difficulty injecting her diabetic mini-poodle. This is the procedure used by BBark Care Associates medicating dogs, cats or any of our furry Barkers.

Brooklyn Bark also provides certification classes in pet CPR/first aid for all staff as well as the public.
You may contact Rachel at

There are a few things I can suggest.
You'll hear this every where - positive training/reinforcement. But I will talk about that later.

1. Confidence and preparedness I can tell you from experience in training people both at the Animal Hospital and training my employees and clients, the biggest "mistake" people make is not being prepared and/or being hesitant. Honestly I think this is the most important thing cause we communicate to animals via body language. Showing the animal you are confident and is the most important to keeping things under control. I get nervous when I know a doctor is giving me a vaccine but I get pretty frantic when the nurse takes her bloody time about jabbing me. And I know what is going on.

Get the medication ready before you even think of administering it. It does not work to grab the animal and then try and get the medicine together.
This is the other part. Know exactly how to administer the medication.
Watch lots of videos on YouTube to get a good idea of what you are going to do so you can quickly administer the insulin. It's really no good to take your time looking for the "perfect spot". You don't need to be specific (like getting a vein) when doing insulin. Get the pup used to you touching and lightly pinching the skin to get her used to the motions you need for getting the shot in.

2. Positive reinforcement:
Get the pup used to being touched and poked in the area. Give lots of treats. Also don't inject as soon as you get the insulin ready. Let some time pass (not enough for the insulin to go bad) so the pup doesn't associate opening the fridge and the needle with getting pricked.

3. Distractions:
We have a lot of shy or aggressive animals. The thing I find that works the best in these situations is to let everyone relax as much as possible and quickly pick and inject while the animals is distracted (like eating). You might want to try something the pup will need to take her time on like a Greenie, BullyStick or Peanut Butter Kong so the pup's attention is focused on a yummy treat to allow you to quickly prick the pup.

4. Needle Size:
Talk to the vet about needle size. If the pup is uncomfortable with being pricked, you might want to talk to your vet about trying a smaller or different needle.

Keep calm and just do it. You'll both get into the habit of it and it well get easier. I promise.
You can totally do this :)

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Lost Terrier/Schnauzer Mix

Brooklyn Bark dog walkers are reaching out to help one of our fellow dog walkers.  

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Save these Dogs

They are wild dogs of Australia, both hunted and endangered with formal breeding programs.  Like wolves in the American West, they are apex preditors, cunning and crafty, hunted to protect Australian sheep herds.  

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Triumph at the Mutt Show

With close to 2,000 attendees, the Brooklyn Mutt Show provided a chance for pup owners in the tri-State area to shop for unique and wonderful dog items, learn about maintaining a safe environment for pup, meet trainers and behaviorists, have their pup's portrait taken and win a medal - or not win one - for having the softest ears or the least likelihood to become a police dog.

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Broadway Talent Helps Dog Rescue.... and you can, too!

One of our favorite pet rescue organizations is Waggin' Train Rescue.  We just received this email with one of the most creative fundraisers we've seen.   Win a unique holiday gift for someone wonderful, maybe for yourself.
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