Brooklyn Bark Talks

PB&DS 2012 - What a Blast!

It was a party like no other on earth....  50+ furry Barkers romping, chasing, playing, swimming, stopping for that occasional treat.  Their human Barkers were laughing, eating, throwing tennis balls, schmoozing and exaulting in the grand weather.

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Brooklyn Dogs at the New York Auto Show

Just about every dog we know loves to go for a car ride.  Chevy decided to take this predilection seriously and invited "thought leaders in the pet world" to a special breakfast at the New York Auto Show, currently running at the Javitz Center.

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Dogs Eat the Strangest Things, Surgery Included

When our Welsh Corgi, Radar, ate a tennis ball he ended up in surgery.  Two years later, he bit off a piece of "safe" dog toy and ended up in surgery.  

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A Modest Proposal from your Dog Walker and Cat Sitter

What do you know about the Mayor's Aliance for NYC Animals? They have a mission that we Brooklyn Dog Walkers and Cat Sitters can believe in:  to make NYC no-kill by the year 2015.

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